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Take care of your hands with our hand care productline. Get clean, soft and hydrated hands with our signature scents and well thought out formulas.

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Hand Care made of natural ingredients from the danish nature

Humdakin hand cream, Humdakin soap and Humdakin hand sanitiser are all thoughtfully produced to guarantee you the very best daily washing and moisturising routine you could want. Humdakin hand cream contains natural ingredients such as you would find in Denmark's landscapes and on Nordic seashores. These include fragrant, nourishing camomile; fresh, nurturing sea buckthorn; and birch, which is known for its bacteriostatic properties (which inhibit the growth or reproduction of bacteria).

To care for your hands in the best possible way, we recommend applying Humdakin hand cream after every wash with Humdakin soap. Humdakin liquid hand soap is light and mild, but still produces a good lather. After you have washed your hands with Humdakin soap, your hands will be soft, refreshed and mildly scented. For that extra moisturising boost, work Humdakin hand cream into your hands after washing.

Humdakin hand cream after each hand wash will ensure soft, moisturised and fragrant hands. Humdakin aromas are reminiscent of spring, when new growth and green shoots are everywhere, or a summer day at the beach.

Humdakin liquid soaps and hand creams are free of parabens, dyes, chemical perfumes, essential oils and endocrine-disrupting substances. They are non-allergenic and have been dermatologically tested. 

Mild and effective hand lotions, hand soaps and hand sanitizers

Our Humdakin hand soap comes in three fragrances: peony and cranberry, sea buckthorn and chamomile, and elderberry and birch. All Humdakin liquid hand soaps smell especially nice, reminding us of the great Danish outdoors. The macadamia nut oil in Humdakin liquid soaps is what makes them extra nourishing and softening.

Our hand sanitiser has been approved as effective. The travel size is handy to take with you on travels, either on public transport or simply running errands. Our hand sanitiser is anti-bacterial, containing 70% alcohol. So as not to make your hands dry, it also contains aloe vera and softening glycerine. Humdakin hand sanitiser can be used to cleanse your hands when you don’t have access to soap and water.

Humdakin hand cream also comes in a travel size, allowing you to apply a hand lotion that softens, nourishes and calms, thanks to the oils it contains. Taking hand sanitiser and Humdakin hand cream with you when out and about will ensure that your hands are always clean and soft. All Humdakin hand care products come in recyclable plastic bottles and containers, safeguarding both your hands and the environment.