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HUMDAKIN Knitted Dishcloth Organic textiles 029 Shell HUMDAKIN Knitted Dishcloth Organic textiles 029 Shell

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HUMDAKIN Knitted Dishcloth Organic textiles 026 Oak

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HUMDAKIN Copper Cloth - 2 pack Cleaning 00 Neutral/No color HUMDAKIN Copper Cloth - 2 pack Cleaning 00 Neutral/No color

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Natural cleaning with HUMDAKIN products

For modern housekeeping, there is a range of different cleaning solutions by HUMDAKIN. What sets our products apart is the absence of strong chemicals and the additional bonus of scents of Nordic nature in your home. These products are extremely effective at removing dirt and grease – which is after all the main aim of cleaning. Our cleaning products include a universal cleaner, dishwashing liquid, fabric softeners, fragrances, sponges, brushes, etc.

HUMDAKIN’s cleaning products are free from parabens, essential oils, dyes, chemical perfumes, endocrine-disrupting and carcinogenic substances. Our products are dermatologically tested and contain non-allergenic perfumes and mild preservatives.


Our recommendations for your household cleaning 

HUMDAKIN always recommends wearing gloves when using concentrated cleaning products. Concentrated liquids should be carefully measured to ensure that excess dosing and unnecessary environmental impact is avoided. All our product containers and packaging are made of recyclable plastic.

It is not advisable to mix different cleaning products; this does not add anything to the cleaning process and can end in excess dosing. Organic cotton cloths from HUMDAKIN are your best friend when cleaning, and give the best results when used with warm water. The cloths are long-lasting and withstand many washes in the machine.