Humdakin is a new Danish brand located in Aarhus, which launched on November 30 2016 after five years of development. Humdakin’s mission is to combine beautiful design and cleaning. We provide quality, pretty packaging, a pleasant scent and environmental friendly products.

Humdakin wants to be a part of your home, contribute to a better hygiene and to make cleaning great again in the modern household. 

We are dedicated to offer a versatile selection of household and skincare products inspired by the Danish shores and forests. All of our products contain Nordic ingredients including sea buckthorn, chamomile and salvie, all of which will grant a pleasant and long lasting scent while being gentle on the skin and our planet. 

Our textile collection is made of GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton and is inspired by Camilla’s grandmother and the techniques from the 1950s. We offer a wide range of colors within each category to fit every preference and household.

All of Humdakin’s products are manufactured at factories under proper working conditions.

The essence of Humdakin is to embrace life and the privilege to choose a clean home for you and for your loved ones. Humdakin wants you to see the products as an everyday luxury and hopefully give you the feeling of wanting to keep your household fresh and clean.  

We hope you will enjoy the unique HUMDAKIN universe.

Camilla Schram

My childhood home was welcoming and clean with fresh laundry, beautiful flowers and a lovely scent. I always felt at ease and calm and my desire is to share that feeling. 

In my early twenties I studied business and innovation while working as a flower decorator and later I started my own cleaning company which I succesfully ran for seven years. This ultimately led to the founding of HUMDAKIN in 2016. 

The essence of Humdakin is exactly my desire to create products with a sense of purity that are produced in a beautiful design while taking environmental considerations.

The brand name Humdakin is inspired by a combination of my three loved ones; my daughter Nynne, her name is the danish word for humming/to hum, my partner Dan and my office dog King, who has been ‘working’ with me every single day since 2010.

I hope you will enjoy the products from Humdakin.
– I made them with love and passion.