Humdakin's story begins back in 2011. After five years as a cleaning company owner, the lack of sustainable and hypoallergenic cleaning products became Camilla Schram's motivation to create a solution that would make cleaning products responsible and aesthetic.

In 2016, the dream became a reality and Humdakin was able to send out the first orders after five years of careful product development. With an eco-friendly and mild ingredient list, hypoallergenic fragrance and a timeless Danish design, the status quo of cleaning was challenged. Humdakin's mission is to combine beautiful design with modern household, so that even cleaning products can keep up with the times. Here, responsibility is an important part of Humdakin's DNA, so we don't have to compromise. We hope it will add joy to everyday life and cleaning experiences all over the world.

The essence of Humdakin is to bring more luxury into everyday life with delicious products that make you want to keep your home clean and tidy for yourself and your family. We embrace life and feel privileged to be able to choose to keep a beautiful and clean home.

Inspired by Camilla Schram's grandmother and the techniques of the 1950s, we have developed an organic textile collection in a wide range of colours. For us, it is important that even our textiles act as a styling element that expresses personality and brings joy to everyday life.

We have dedicated ourselves to offering a versatile range of products for the modern household, inspired by the Danish coast and forests. The products contain Nordic ingredients such as chamomile, sage, rhubarb, red seaweed and sea buckthorn, which contribute to a lasting mild fragrance. The nurturing properties of our natural ingredients also contribute to the products being gentle on the skin and our planet.
You can read more about what exactly we're doing to ensure better alternatives for you and the environment on our responsibility page

camilla schram

My childhood home and the memories of it are the story of calm, regularity and purity. Living clean with the smell of freshly washed clothes, beautiful flowers and a wonderful feeling of purity. My wish with Humdakin is to share this feeling with the whole world.

My background for creating Humdakin is a study with innovation, a daily life as a floral decorator, and a cleaning business that I started during a law study that I never completed because, the love for cleaning arose. That love led to 10 years of cleaning for private individuals and companies. I made a virtue of creating spaces that were lovely, clean and safe for all my clients. I left homemade soap bars and folded toilet paper like in the most luxurious hotels.

The lack of effective but gentle cleaning products that could awaken the joy of cleaning in the general public sparked my fire and the development of the products you know today as Humdakin. With the environment in mind, I worked hard for five years to develop products that I would love to use both as a private individual and in my cleaning business.

As a child, I was very sensitive to perfume. But how I have always loved lovely scents! So it was also important for me to develop products that smelled great but were also hypoallergenic. We succeeded, and today our fragrances are some of what we are best known for. In addition to mild fragrances, I've also worked hard to design aesthetic cleaners that you'll be proud to have on display. It's the best reminder to keep our homes clean.

For me, cleaning has always been a passion. That's why it meant a lot to me that the brand name was personal. Humdakin is a combination of the names of three people who were closest to me in 2016: my daughter, my boyfriend and my dog.

I hope you will enjoy the products from Humdakin, which I created with passion and love for cleaning, and that Humdakin can inspire you to what cleaning can also be.
- Camilla