Hand Lotion

All our handlotions are produced to give the highest care to dry hands in need of hydration. It is quickly absorbed in the skin, and leaves the hands smooth, with a nice scent and with a beautiful glow.

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Luxury, allergy-friendly hand lotion

All our hand lotions’ nourishing and softening properties, combined with the mild natural scent, make Humdakin’s hand lotions ideal for both men and women. With Humdakin’s natural moisturising lotion containing no added chemical perfume, you get a mild and luxurious allergy-friendly hand lotion for the whole family.

When you buy a hand lotion from Humdakin, you get more than just an ordinary hand lotion. All our products are dermatologically tested, and that is your guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and satisfy all standards for liquid hand care products.

---Humdakin's magnificent hand lotion is characterised by its soft and pure scent from natural extracts from Danish nature. If you want a luxury hand lotion, you can choose from three different scents: Hand lotion with chamomile and buckthorn, with peony and cranberry, or with elderberry and birch. Common to all our hand lotions is that they are allergy-friendly and contain the nourishing and healing properties of macadamia oil. The regenerative properties of macadamia oil are particularly well suited to sensitive and irritable skin and have a healing effect on sunburns and other minor skin damage.