Hand Soap

We are especially proud of our hand soaps. We have put a lot of care, thoughts and love in the formulas that gives you both clean and hydrated hands.

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Lovely luxury hand soap

Characteristic of all our hand soaps is that they are pure and mild soaps with natural extracts from Danish nature. Moreover, all our hand soaps contain panthenol and macadamia nut oil, which make our soaps both luxurious and extra nourishing for dry, irritated skin. So if you are looking to pamper yourself or someone you love with a luxurious hand soap, our liquid luxury hand soaps are just the thing for you.

In addition to being mild, nourishing and smelling nice, all our hand soaps are allergy-friendly, free of parabens and colourants, ethereal oils, chemical perfumes and hormone-disrupting and cancer-causing substances. Besides well-being and quality, you are also buying an environmentally friendly luxury hand soap that is tough on bacteria, but gentle on your skin.

Wash your hands in a luxury hand soap from Humdakin and notice how soft, revived and pleasant smelling your hands are after each wash.