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Gathered here are all you need for your laundryroom and for cleaning your whole house.

---Natural cleaning products for the home 

HUMDAKIN offers a wide variety of cleaning products for the home. What sets our cleaning products apart is the absence of harsh chemicals – without sacrificing effectiveness. Cleaning the home has never been easier thanks to HUMDAKIN: grease and dirt disappear in no time, and your home is left sparkling clean, with a fresh scent of the great Nordic outdoors.

Our cleaning products are inspired by the Nordic countryside and impart a mild and long-lasting bouquet. 

HUMDAKIN’s cleaning products are free from parabens, dyes, essential oils, chemical perfumes, endocrine-disrupting and carcinogenic substances. The perfume is non-allergenic and contains mild preservatives. The products have been dermatologically tested.

---Recommendations for your household cleaning 

At HUMDAKIN, we always recommend using gloves whenever you are using a liquid concentrate. The concentrate should be carefully measured to ensure that excess dosing and unnecessary environmental impact is avoided. Our product containers and packaging are made of recyclable plastic.

It is best not to mix different types of cleaning product. The best results will be achieved by simply using organic cotton cloths from HUMDAKIN and warm water.

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