All you need: cleaning kits!

All you need: cleaning kits!

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Sometimes it can be hard to figure out which products you actually need. There are a million cleaning product options for different rooms, different surfaces, etc. Here at Humdakin we want to keep it simple. We create products that are necessary, mild and effective. With a timeless look and a lovely, allergy friendly scent, our products are perfect to include in your daily cleaning routine. Whether you know someone who’s about to move out for the first time or you yourself need a little cleaning product upgrade, let us help you find the perfect cleaning kit.  

We’ve created an overview of ideas for different cleaning kits:

Basic cleaning kit:

basic cleaning products

This starter kit includes the basic cleaning products for the whole house. The universal cleaner is an eco-friendly cleaning product that you only have to use very little of when cleaning. It leaves a lovely scent of sea buckthorn and chamomile and can be used in every room and on all surfaces that tolerate water. The empty spray bottle is the perfect sidekick, because you can put 1 teaspoon universal cleaner in the bottle and fill the rest with water. That way it’s easy and fast to clean!  The dish soap has the same mild scent as the universal cleaner. It effectively breaks down fats and oils and works great for cleaning the dishes, the oven, microwave and the extractor hood. Our glass cleaner is made without ammonia which makes it much more gentle on eyes, skin and throat. It can be used on many surfaces - read more about it here. Our anti-calc is a limescale remover, which should be used weekly in the kitchen and bathroom. Spray and let it sit for a while on the surfaces that often are in daily contact with water, in order to fight chalky build-up on the faucets, shower head, sink, tiles and so on. A knitted dishcloth for cleaning and an organic tea towel for windows are also important to remember in your starter pack. 

Product you need: Universal cleaner, spray bottle, dish soap, glass cleaner, anti-calk, dish cloth and tea towel  

All you need: Kitchen


In the kitchen you need our beautiful and effective dish soap with allergy friendly scents and an elegant look. Next to that you should consider an aesthetic dish brush made with biodegradable materials such as our oak brushes with Tampico fibers or horsehair. Read more about the difference between the two dish brushes here. The perfect hand soap to have by your kitchen sink is our anti-smell hand soap which is nurturing and removes smells. It’s perfect if you’ve just cooked with garlic, fish or onions! Our elegant apron as well as potholders are also a necessity in a kitchen, and both are produced in a dark grey color that looks great in any kitchen. Other textiles you need in your kitchen include dishcloths, knitted kitchen towels and tea towels. All of our textiles are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. 

Products you need: dish soap, dish brush, anti-smell hand soap, apron, pot holders, organic textiles

All you need: Bathroom 


For the bathroom you need a universal cleaner, glass cleaner and anti-calc like we mentioned in the starter pack. The universal cleaner can be used on all the surfaces in the bathroom but remember to switch cleaning cloths between surfaces. The anti-calc product can be used on the sink, faucet, shower head or tiles in the shower if they’ve started looking a bit chalky. Read this if you want to make sure you’re cleaning your bathroom correctly! When the cleaning is finished, style with a new knitted towel and a matching set of hand soap and hand lotion. Humdakin’s hand soap and lotion are aesthetic and, like our other products, made with allergy friendly ingredients and scents. Last but not least, add a scented candle or fragrance sticks to create a spa-like atmosphere!   

Products you need: universal cleaner, glass cleaner, anti-calc, hand soap, hand lotion, hand towel, scented candle, fragrance sticks 

If you already have the basic cleaning products:


 If you want to make your cleaning experience even more special, we have some suggestions! Our practical and stunning zinc buckets make it easy to bring your products around with you when cleaning. It’s also a beautiful way to organize your products and let them be a part of the decoration. Our gorgeous, raw wood brush with coconut fibers is not only decorative, but also practical for dirty shoes, outdoor cleaning and scrubbing vegetables. Another luxury that you give yourself is our hand care kit with a matching hand soap and lotion. Not only are you treating your hands, but they are also a great way to style a clean bathroom. If you want to make your laundry routine a little more effective, you can add wool balls to the dryer. The wool dryer balls reduce drying time and wrinkles in the clothing items. Finally, treat yourself to some fragrance sticks. They prolong the feeling of a clean home with their mild and clean scent. 

Products you need: bucket, brush with coconut fibers, handcare kit and wool balls 

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