Have you ever wondered if you're cleaning your bathroom properly? Follow these steps!

Most of us probably feel that the bathroom is our least favorite room to clean. However, it’s one of the most important rooms to keep clean! By following these simple steps as your routine, you’ll be keeping your bathroom clean constantly, so the mess never builds up and makes it a nightmare to clean. Keep on reading to see if you’re already doing all of these things, or if there's a new step you can add to your cleaning routine! 

anti calc limescale remover

1. Always start by pouring toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl under the ridge, along with limescale remover, like our Anti Calc spray, on all surfaces that need it. This can be by the wash, in the shower or in the tub. Make sure beforehand that these surfaces can tolerate limescale remover. These two things, toilet cleaner and limescale remover, have to sit for a while, so now you’re able to move onto other things while waiting.

2. Next you fill a bucket with warm water and one tablespoon full of Humdakin’s universal cleaner. Use this for all surfaces, that aren’t covered in limescale remover. Wait with cleaning the toilet. Remember to wipe door handles, drawers, shelves, cabinets and the toothbrush holder!

3. After that, use glass cleaner and a dry tea towel on the same surfaces in order to get them shining. Follow that by using glass cleaner on all windows, mirrors, faucets and fittings. Remember the shower head as well! Use Humdakin’s glass cleaner to avoid dyes and harsh scents.

4. Pour boiling water down the sink and shower drain. Do this often to avoid soap buildup.

5. Now it’s time to scrub the surfaces that have been sprayed with limescale remover. Use a sponge or wooden brush to gently scrub the surface before rinsing with water. Finish off with glass cleaner for a beautiful shine.

6. Next up is the toilet. You’re almost done! Clean the surfaces with a universal cleaner and be very thorough. Make sure that this is the last surface you’re cleaning, because you can’t use the same cloth or wipe on other surfaces after cleaning the toilet.

7. Use a toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl where the toilet cleaner has been sitting. If there’s a lot of minerals in the water in your area, it can be a good idea to scrub the limescale or dark stains with a pumice stone for the toilet. If you do this a couple of times a month, it won’t build up.

8. Last step is to wash the floor! It might not be everybody that wash the floor in the bathroom as often as they should, because it’s actually here where a lot of bathroom bacteria are found. Therefore we suggest you finish your weekly cleaning routine by washing the floor. You can use Humdakin’s universal cleaner for this, if you love a fresh and mild scent! Remember the shower floor and behind the toilet.