Accessories for the modern household 

HUMDAKIN has an appealing and aromatic range of home accessories – including fragrance sticks for the home and brushes for both bathroom and kitchen.

Your guests will enjoy the welcome of delightful HUMDAKIN home fragrances. HUMDAKIN fragrance sticks for the bathroom lend a special atmosphere and mood.

HUMDAKIN fragrance sticks diffuse an aroma of Scandinavian nature into the room, which is calming and refreshing to the senses. There are deep notes of a cedar wood, Bergamot and lotus flower. The two signature fragrance sticks for the bathroom are Ample and Ivory. Place a couple of HUMDAKIN fragrance sticks in the diffuser liquid and they will absorb and the liquid and emanate the scent into the particular room.

HUMDAKIN bathroom fragrance sticks give your home a pleasant bouquet, so it will always be a pleasure to prepare for a shower.

HUMDAKIN fragrance sticks for the bathroom come in three versions: Bergamot, cedar wood and lotus flower. HUMDAKIN fragrance sticks give your home a pleasant aroma.

The HUMDAKIN horsehair washing-up brush is a sustainable choice when it comes to cleaning and washing up. The horsehair brush is made from dark oak wood, which lends an aesthetic look to your kitchen. Horsehair is both durable and robust, and will last a long time. The brush comes with a hole at the end of the shaft for hanging the brush up to dry after use. 

HUMDAKIN accessories also feature wooden brushes for the home. Brushes made from oak are very tough and almost impossible to break. We supply wooden brushes for cleaning the home and for washing up. The rustic look of our wooden brushes gives a hint of nature to your home furnishing and the kitchen.

HUMDAKIN fragrance sticks for the bathroom give you an inviting and aesthetic appeal as well as a fragrance that pervades the house. Our wooden brushes and horsehair washing up brushes accord with the rustic, robust ideal.