These unusual times..

These unusual times..

These unusual times..

...are challenging for everybody. Especially those working in the health sector, grocery stores, and any other industry that’s facing increased pressure. It’s difficult for business owners, for people working in the most affected industries, and for those having to homeschool their kids while working from home. 

The situation is what it is, and it’s important to stay updated, take it seriously and watch out for each other. But it’s also equally important to stay positive and hopeful, despite this sad situation! We’re all experiencing huge changes to our everyday life, but if we don’t try to make the best out of it and have a little fun, those changes can leave a negative impact on our lives. We want to give you some ideas for how to make your quarantine a little more fun (and effective!).

 Need some ideas for what you can do?

Give yourself a 14- or 30-day challenge!

  • Whether it be 10 minutes of yoga a day or a new yoga position every day, 10 new words in a foreign language you want to learn, one movie in a series every day, or something entirely else. Giving yourself a challenge is fun, and it helps separate the days, so they don’t seem endless. If you choose a challenge that helps you get better at something, then it also helps you like you’ve accomplished something every day - even the days where you sit on the couch most of the day.

Organize your home!

  • Organize - clean - style… that’s our mantra. If you have some extra time on your hands, tackle those rooms that need organizing the most! You can find our organizing week checklist here, if you need some inspiration. Go through your closet, sort out the kitchen cabinets or clean up in your bookshelf! These are all things that you can do from home, and that will leave you feeling great (and leave your home looking great!) 



Spring Cleaning!

  • We couldn’t not mention spring cleaning! Tis the season for it, and now you have time as well! If the weathers nice, take advantage of the sun to air out duvets, rugs, pillows etc. Vacuum underneath all the furniture, dust on top of wardrobes and air the whole house out. We’ve created a spring cleaning checklist that can help you breeze through it. Just like organizing, this is something that will help pass time and just knowing that it’s done will give you a great feeling. 

Bring nature inside!

  • If you’re trying to keep outdoor activities to a minimum, try bringing nature inside. Most potted houseplants enjoy getting their soil freshened up every once in a while. Check out which plants look like they may need a bigger pot and replant them! For the plants that don’t need bigger pots, replace the current soil with new soil anyways, as this will help them thrive. While you have the soil out, pick up some new plants from your grocery store or local plant pusher (If you are going out anyways, and are taking the necessary precautions) and plant them in pots as well. We’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, so it’s nice to have something new and green to look at! Remember to wash the floor afterwards if you choose to do all your planting inside.
  • While on the topic of something green, another fun activity could be to start your own mini herb garden in your kitchen. Use seeds if you have them or try repotting already grown herbs from a local plant pusher. Watching the herbs grow and taking care of them every day is a fun activity for you and for kids! A fun tip is to put the herbs in one of our buckets, as this is both practical and stylish! 

Redecorate your home!

  • Staring at the same things 24/7 for a prolonged period of time can get a bit boring. You’re working from home or studying from home, so make it an even nicer space to be in! If you’re feeling bored, try rearranging furniture and decorations. It can always be moved back if you don’t like it, but sometimes it can be very refreshing to change things up a bit! If you’re living in a small space, focus on the decoration. You don’t necessarily have to buy something new to change the look. Take all the decor down from shelves and bookcases, and start redecorating from fresh, while challenging yourself to put each decor item in a new place. A little goes a long way here! A good tip is to take our universal cleaner and spray bottle around with you, so you can spray and wipe while redecorating. 

Try something you once loved!

  • Whether it be reading, sudoku, mindful coloring, an instrument or a computer game, you now have time to try something out you might not have had time for before. Do something that once made you happy and relaxed and see if it can’t spark joy once more! Quarantine is also the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some books, games or whichever activities you choose. 

For those of you with kids..

  • This can be extremely difficult for those of you with young kids - trust me I know! Other than the usual games, I’ve been doing nature scavenger hunts in the backyard, chalk drawing outside and tea parties inside. It can be hard to find inspiration for new ideas on how to entertain your kids, but there are so many great websites and public Instagram accounts that are sharing ideas! Ask your friends what they’ve been doing and swap ideas. If the weathers nice, enjoy as much time as possible outside so the kids don’t get tired of being inside that fast. My last tip is to take some of their toys and hide it for a week. After the week has passed, bring the toys back out, and take some other toys away. This way, kids feel like they are getting something new to play with, and they don’t get bored of everything at once. 

I would love to spread some Humdakin "hygge", as we say in Danish. My eldest daughter Nynne suggested that we create a drawing that can be colored, and I thought it was such a cute idea! Therefore, the Humdakin team has created a picture that anyone can download and print, by clicking here

picture to color

I hope it gives just a couple of moments of fun (and silence 😉) for those of you with kids or for those of you that just love coloring! 

I hope you all stay healthy and are able to make the best of these unusual times! Thank you to all of you out there working hard to fight this virus ❤️ Let's do it together! 

Lots of love,


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