Spring Cleaning Checklist

This year's spring cleaning checklist is finally ready! 

Spring cleaning is the our favorite time of the year! The season of spring is lovely because the sun starts shining, the flowers are blooming and the trees are turning green. The change of season brings with it a new energy, and we use that renewed energy for our spring cleaning!

Because after a long winter inside, the best feeling is to spend some time cleaning every nook and cranny, under furniture, on top of lamps, and in the corners of the room. After that, airing the whole house out to remove all traces of the passing winter is the finishing touch of spring cleaning. When the house is cleaned, buy some new green plants and style with fresh flowers. It might take some time, but after that you'll be standing in a home that has been organized, cleaned and styled so you can take a long, deep breath and enjoy the feeling of spring. 

Doesn't that sound nice? Other than the amazing feeling spring cleaning brings, it's also just extremely important to deep clean every now and then. During winter when bacteria flourish and sickness is quick to spread, remembering not only the daily and weekly cleaning routine, but also to deep clean is vital in order to reduce bacteria in your home.

However, spring cleaning can be a bit extensive, so we want to help you along the way! That's why we made a spring cleaning checklist, that can help you along the way. 

We hope you enjoy the spring cleaning season - check off the checklist in your own tempo and enjoy the break that cleaning gives you from a busy everyday life! See it as some moments of mindfulness, listen to music, danse and treat yourself afterwards. 

Click HERE for the spring cleaning checklist. 

spring cleaning checklist