Clean floors all week

There are three basic steps you should always follow for a beautiful finish after your floor cleaning.

  1. Vacuum the floor or wipe it with a dry mop with a flat head before washing. It removes the worst dirt and gives you the best result in the end

  2. Wash your floors accordingly. You can use Humdakin Universal Cleaner on all surfaces that are not harmed by water. The Universal cleaner is very effective and leaves your floors with a delicate and pure scent.

  3. Wipe the floor after washing with a dry, clean mop so that no water is left on the surface. Your floors can be ruined if excessive water is left on it and dries up. This way your are also sure to get the very last dirt on the floors.

I recommend you wash your floors once a week. Floor cleaning is important! Even if you can not always see the dirt, it is always there.

Humdakin Universal Cleaner