From the 5-second hand wash to the 9 step hand wash - What Corona has taught us

Right now, no one is doubting the fact that hand hygiene and washing your hands is important. It’s something we all can do and teach our kids, and it’s part of fighting the spread of the virus.

Are you used to doing the classic 5 second hand wash? It’s good that we’ve all been learning how to wash our hands properly, but we have to remember to make it a habit, because the importance of thorough hand washing does not fade when Corona stops. Good hand hygiene is going to continue to be important, because there will always be bacteria, cold viruses, influenza, etc. among us. Right now, we all have the chance to move from the 5 second hand wash to the 9 step method - and you might as well start now because you’ll be doing it for the rest of your life!


Download and print this poster here.

You can also use hand lotion to nurture your hands. Since we’re washing and sanitizing our hands so often these days, our hands quickly dry out. Our advice is to always follow up with a nurturing hand lotion. However, you can do even more than that to prevent dry hands. Choose a hand soap with nurturing and moisturizing properties that won’t leave your hands dry after washing them. Our hand soaps are enriched with macadamia oil and panthenol, which are especially helpful for irritated and dry skin. The soaps and lotions are available in three scents, that each has their own nurturing properties that turn your hand wash into a luxurious experience.



Not only should you make the 5 step method a habit for yourself, but just as important, make it a habit for your kids as well. Camilla washes her hands with her children every day, and they use different songs to practice washing hands for the minimum of 15 seconds. The lovely, Danish show host Petra shared a video on her Instagram the other day, where she’s trying to show her little boy how to wash his fingers with Humdakin anti-smell soap. As you can see in the adorable video, it’s not easy getting the small ones to understand how to wash hands thoroughly. However, you can still practice it with them, even if it is just to spend time with and cuddle them. The time you spend washing hands together is cozy and without distractions - and everybody needs that every now and then!

Pictures from @petra.nagel 


If you’re having a hard time deciding which of the three scents you want to try, you can read about their different properties below. All the scents, 01, 02, and 03 are available as a 300 ml hand soap, 300 ml hand lotion and a 60 ml travel sized hand lotion. Read more about the ingredients in the Humdakin products here

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