You can do it all - with just 3 products

If you're a true Humdacleaner, you probably already know what Humdakin is based upon. But if you're a new Humdacleaner in our community, you need to be introduced to the fundamentals behind Humdakin.

Organize, clean and style.

Who doesn't love the special calmness that comes to body and soul when our homes are clean, tidy and nicely decorated - with decorations, pictures, rugs, colors and flowers that make you happy? That's what we at Humdakin focus on and have made ourselves experts in.

Fortunately, due to a global pandemic, there has been an increased focus on interior, styling, trends, design and quality. Just in our spirit. We have beautiful homes, but sometimes that's also what steals our attention, and sometimes cleanliness is downgraded as a result.

What good is a beautiful home if it's not clean? Knowing that every surface, corner and nook and cranny is clean can make us feel even more comfortable and more 'at home' - more than beautiful surroundings can.

That's why we at Humdakin have created 3 cornerstones for your cleaning routine. 3 products that make sure you can easily clean your entire home:

- Universal cleaner

- Anti calc spray

- Toilet cleaner


It goes without saying. Our universal cleaner is versatile and universal, it's in the name. Like all our other liquid products, it is made as a concentrate. This means that it needs to be mixed with water, which ensures that it has an even longer lifespan and can be used for a long time before you run out. All three fragrance variants of our universal cleaner can be used on all water-resistant surfaces. This includes everything from marble, ceramics, linoleum, wood, tiles to corian and more. It's also pH neutral, so you can use it without gloves. It's designed for daily deep cleaning and dusting of the most commonly used and commonly encountered surfaces, but we also use it for floor cleaning. And together with our spray bottle, it's the perfect pair.

Equally indispensable is our anti calc spray. It's the perfect spray-on limescale remover for both daily and more thorough cleaning. Its low and acidic pH value means it can quickly and effectively remove limescale deposits from your sink, kitchen and bathroom faucets and tiles. The product is activated when in contact with water. Spray anti calc spray on the area you want to clean after you have wet the area. Let it sit for a few minutes and scrub with a coarse sponge or brush for a sparkling clean result. 

The last, but equally important product for keeping clean is our toilet cleaner. Our toilet cleaner is specially developed to gently and effectively clean both plastic and ceramic toilet bowls. The toilet cleaner easily removes dirt and grime, leaving you with a fresh, clean and fragrant toilet. Our toilet cleaner smells great with our signature scent; 01, with chamomile and sea buckthorn.
The highly effective formula prevents limescale deposits and leaves the surface smooth and clean. Our toilet cleaner is also made as a concentrate and is therefore easy to use and the dosage is small.

Our products are all created with aesthetics and design in mind, so they can decoratively stand out and inspire to frequent and easy cleaning every day.

At Humdakin, our gentle products, textiles in on-trend colors and beautiful accessories help inspire to even more organization, cleanliness, and style.