The smell of clean laundry without using chemical perfumes!

The scent of clean laundry is hard to beat - especially if it’s been hanging outside in the sun to dry! This is a scent that most people can trace back to their childhood -  the laundry room in your childhood home was warm and smelled clean, you helped hang out the wet clothes on lines outside, or you helped fold the warm clothes that came straight out of the dryer. From then to now, doing laundry may not be as fun as you remembered when you were a kid (especially if you have kids now!) but the scent of it still brings warmth and joy. It’s the scent of you keeping your home clean and your family safe. 

The scent of clean laundry doesn’t have to be attained through detergents and fabric softeners with lots of chemical perfumes. The Humdakin laundry soap and fabric softener use natural extracts from sea buckthorn and chamomile, which leaves a wonderfully mild and clean scent. It is a scent that you associate with clean laundry but does not leave you wondering if there is any perfume left in the clothes that could agitate your family’s skin. Because the truth is, that most machines don’t wash all of the soap out of the clothes, there will still be traces remaining that you breathe in and wear.  All Humdakin products are allergy-friendly and mild in their formula. This means they get your clothes clean but protect the fibers and contain no chemical perfumes, dyes or harsh chemicals. This also means that when the soap is flushed out with the water, the formula is easier to broken down. 

laundry allergry-friendly

Since all Humdakin products are allergy-friendly, you don’t have to fear traces of product that are being left in your clothes. With no parabens, dyes, chemical perfumes, hormone disturbing substances etc., you can enjoy the fresh and clean scent of your laundry without any worries!

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Humdakin’s motto isn’t just to organize and clean - it also includes styling! The Humdakin bottles are designed so that you can leave them standing out, because they have an aesthetic and Scandinavian design. To go with that, we decided to make a free printable poster!  Click here for the pdf. Frame it and hang it up in your laundry room as an easy way to decorate the space. We’d love if you share it with us on social media so we can see how you style the poster! 

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