How to wash wool and cashmere

Wool and cashmere are natural materials with fine fibers and lots of advantages. Clothing or other textiles made of wool and cashmere are therefore often a bit pricey. When you pay a lot of money for something, you want it to last for a long time. By caring properly for your wool and cashmere products, these materials can stay beautiful for a very long time! Remember to always follow the care instructions on the label. 

Follow these steps to wash your wool and cashmere:

  • Detergent: The first and one of the most important things to think about is what detergent to use - because it is not irrelevant! These natural materials need a detergent that isn’t too heavy, is gentle and protects their fibers. 
    • Our new, allergy-friendly Wool and Cashmere detergent is the perfect example of this. It can be used with wool and cashmere in all colors, and both in the washing machine or when hand washing.
    • DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS: You only need 1 capful, or 15 ml, per wash. uld og kashmir vaskemiddel
  • Gentle wash: The second step is to make sure you are using a gentle wash. This can be done in the washing machine, by choosing a gentle cycle, or if you wash by hand. If you choose to handwash your textiles, start by filling a sink, bathtub or bucket with lukewarm water and the right dosage of wool and cashmere detergent. 
    • Submerge the textile in the water and use your hands to calmly move it around. Do not scrub the textile, as this may harm the surface. Let it sit for around 5 minutes
    • Carefully lift the textile out of the water in a ball shape, so it doesn’t stretch out while it’s wet. Empty the sink, bucket, etc. and fill it with clean water. Wash the textile in the fresh water so you remove all the leftover soap. 
    • When that’s done, remove the textile in a ball shape once again, and lay it on the sink or tub, while gently pressing down. This way you can remove most of the water without having to wring and stretch the material. 
    • Place thereafter the textile on a towel. Place it in its original form, so it’s laying completely flat, and place another towel over it. Start rolling from the bottom up, while gently pressing. This will soak almost all of the remaining moisture out. 
    • If the item is still moist, hang it out to dry. We recommend not hanging it up, as this can stretch the material, but instead laying it flat on a drying rack. 
  • Stain removal: Finally, if you can hold off from washing your wool and cashmere items as much as possible, and instead remove stains as they arise, then your textiles can last a little longer. 
    • Use a detergent, like our wool and cashmere detergent, and gently blot it on the area. Since wool and cashmere can be delicate depending on how the structure is, you should be careful not to rub the surface too hard as to not harm the material. If the stain is stubborn, use a stain remover made specifically for delicate and natural materials. 
    • Let the area with the spot soak for 5 minutes in water that is slightly colder than room temperature. 
    • Follow the same procedure as mentioned earlier when drying the item.