Thank you, mother - gift ideas for Mother's day

Thank you, mother - gift ideas for Mother's day


A mother has a very special place in the heart and soon it is Mother's Day. On this day, we pay tribute to all the mothers in our lives. Whether it's your bonus mom, grandma, or another special woman in your life, the title of mom is something very special. The day allows togetherness where memories and good times can be created. Do you want to delight her with something special? Then Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to surprise her with a special gift to make her feel loved and appreciated. We know it can be a bit difficult to find a gift she will cherish. We would love to help you along the way. That's why we've put together a Mother's Day Gift Guide to inspire you to find a thoughtful gift for the mother in your life.

Gift idea #1

Add fresh home fragrances

Your mother deserves surroundings that always smells nice and clean in her busy everyday life. They create a calming and inviting atmosphere in the home. Gift her fragrance sticks from Humdakin. They ensure to give off a mild scent that gives the room a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, so she can welcome family and guests into the feeling of a freshly cleaned home.

 While they smell great, they can also easily be styled in your home. The elegant bottle has a simple Nordic design and fits well on tables and shelves. Let the sticks spread the scent of cleanliness for several months and it will remind her of you when she has them standing in her home.



 Gift idea #2

Get wellness experiences at home

Your mom deserves to live in something that resembles a hotel. Give her the hotel experience with Humdakin. You can help her add some everyday luxury to her daily routine with natural skin care and wellness experiences at home. Our shampoos are both sulfate-free and silicone-free,

It ensures the moisturizing and valuable ingredients can infiltrate the hair strands. It contains wheat protein which ensures that the product goes deep into the hair fibers and protects the hair.

Our conditioner leaves the hair silky smooth and adds lots of moisture. Combined, the products leave the hair fragrant, nourished, and stronger. It's the perfect set for her who loves great hair care. The set is suitable for all hair types and for daily use. Give her the hair care package so she can experience great hair care with healthy ingredients that add well-being to her everyday life. 


Gift idea #3

Make cleaning easy

Your mom shouldn't spend all her time on cleaning. Introduce her to Humdakin. We've made it easy to do a deep cleaning. In this set you get what you need for a sustainable cleaning: 1000 ml universal cleaner and a spray bottle. In the set you have a total of 100 liters of cleaning. All you need is a teaspoon of universal cleaner and add water in the rest of the spray bottle. This mixture can be used on all water-resistant surfaces. It can be used regularly to keep out dirt and bacteria.

The best way to feel comfortable is when your surroundings are clean and tidy. By having a clean home, you can create an environment to develop a comfortable and calm atmosphere in your home. Our Cleaning Kit is already packaged in a pleasant box, just add a ribbon before you give her the gift.


Gift Idea #4

Make dishwashing more enjoyable

Let her transform dishwashing into a party and let her experience a symphony of scents. With two indispensable classics for the kitchen that she will appreciate. Here you get both effective, fragrant, and cleansing helpers for her everyday life. They're gentle on the hands while being nurturing for even the busiest hands. Hand soap and dish soap stand firm on the kitchen sink and are your helpful partners before, during and after cooking. Designed with a stylish look, you'll want them to stand out as a decorative element at the sink.


Gift idea #5

A pair of nurtured hands

Your mother's hands, need a thank you. With this set of hand soap and hand cream, you can delight her with nourishing skincare for her hands. What the hand soap and hand cream have in common is their moisturizing and protective features, which are great for dry and irritated skin. They leave hands with a mild and fresh scent. A great combination that she can keep in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else in the home. The products are available as a gift box, making it easy for you to give.

At Humdakin we hope you've found inspiration for what to give your mum. Whatever gift you choose to give to your mother, we very much hope she will adore it.

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