Natural shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion

HUMDAKIN products make time in the bath and shower an absolute pleasure. Enjoy pampering yourself with HUMDAKIN body wash, HUMDAKIN shampoo (sulphate- and silicone-free) and HUMDAKIN conditioner; follow up with HUMDAKIN body lotion.

HUMDAKIN shampoo contains no sulphates or silicon. It is a mild cleanser that nurtures your hair. HUMDAKIN shampoo is ideal for people who pay attention to what they put on their hair. HUMDAKIN shampoo contains no sulphates or silicon. It contains wheat protein, which protects the fibres of the hair. Regular use of HUMDAKIN shampoo results in soft, nourished hair and because HUMDAKIN shampoo is free from sulphates and silicone, it can even be used on a daily basis.

HUMDAKIN conditioner also contains wheat protein, like HUMDAKIN shampoo. It will leave your hair nurtured and silky soft. Because HUMDAKIN conditioner contains nourishing and softening ingredients, you can use it on a daily basis.

HUMDAKIN body wash is sulphate-free, but will produce a mild lather and efficiently cleanse your skin. HUMDAKIN body wash smells wonderful, transporting you to the great Danish outdoors. HUMDAKIN body wash is vegan and contains no sulphates – it is suitable for all.

Natural ingredients found in Denmark 

All HUMDAKIN body washes are produced with completely natural ingredients found in Denmark, such as nourishing chamomile and refreshing sea buckthorn. Besides chamomile and sea buckthorn, HUMDAKIN body wash also contains panthenol and macadamia nut oil, which is extremely nurturing and nourishing.

HUMDAKIN body wash is mild on the skin; it will not result in dryness, because it has no sulphates.

Finish your bath or shower with HUMDAKIN body lotion, a real treat for your skin.  HUMDAKIN body lotion is full of nourishing and nurturing ingredients, including shea, almond and apricot. Besides this, it leaves your body gently scented with chamomile and sea buckthorn. All HUMDAKIN body lotions are environmentally friendly and mild on the skin. They are suitable even for sensitive skin.  Our products to be used in and after the bath and shower are the sort of maintenance that gives your day-to-day life vitality: we should all make room for a little indulgence with the very best ingredients nature has to offer.