It's always nice to get ready for the next week. It may be time consuming, but it doesn't have to take all your sunday fun away. Especially not if you're good at keeping clean during the week. Then Sunday Reset becomes a breeze. There are several steps in our routine, because then the week just becomes that much easier to get through. Sunday Reset is as much about the mind being calm as it is about the home being clean. Because what's better than sitting down on the couch Sunday night and being ready for Monday? 


What is reset day?

A reset day is a day dedicated to self-pampering and planning for the week ahead. The purpose of such a day is to reset your home and yourself so that you are ready for the new week. Although the day is dedicated and our 9 steps may sound like a lot, it doesn't have to take long and it doesn't have to be a 9 step long routine that gets you through the day. Feel what makes sense for you. For us, it's nice to be able to tick some boxes and relax for the rest of the day with a clear conscience.

SUNDAY RESET - 9 steps to a great start to the week.

1. Get the laundry done. If you're cool, you may have already done some over the week or Saturday. Use a good detergent so that hanging up the clothes afterwards is a pleasure.

2. Wash and change all bedding. Is there anything better than laying down in fresh bedding?

3. Tidy up your home.

4. Refill your hand soaps. Did you know that Humdakin offers refill solutions for our 3 popular hand soaps?

5. Stock the fridge (and make a meal plan if necessary). If you can just plan out 3 meals during the week, you'll already free up some time that would otherwise be spent in the supermarket during the peak hour.

6. Empty bins around the home - remember the toilet and what can be sent for sorting.

7. Clean. Again, this might be an easy post if you've kept the home clean over the week, and you might be able to make do with vacuuming and a floor wash. It's a good idea to use a spray bottle of Humdakin's mild and effective all-purpose cleaner.

8. Make a to-do list of the week's tasks and goals.

9. Recharge your batteries and relax - go for a walk, read a book or do yoga or whatever recharges you for a new week.

Remember to look at these 9 as inspiration for what you can do to reset on Sundays. It can also vary from week to week what is time and needed. We hope this inspires more abundance and joy in your everyday life.