Fathers Day 2020

In Denmark, Father’s Day is the 5th of June. This is different in many countries, so that’s why we’re a little bit early in posting a blog about it! Just like Mother’s Day, we’ll be spending Father’s Day celebrating those in our life who are fathers. Not just because we love a good celebration, but also because the dads in our life need to be acknowledged! 

How do you say thank you to a father who has everything or who doesn’t need anything? Maybe the only thing he has on his wishlist is a pair of new socks?  You might need to get a bit creative when looking for a gift for the fathers in your life. However, we have a couple gift ideas for the dad you want to celebrate!

1. Apron for the kitchen, cleaning or when grilling


This apron is made with soft cotton in a beautiful dark grey color. It has three pockets on the front. It comes in a beautiful box, making it the perfect thing to give as a gift! They can use the apron when baking bread for the family in the morning, grilling with friends or when they’re doing their weekly cleaning routine. Everybody needs an apron! 

  1. Anti-Smell hand soap


This soap is great in many ways, most importantly because it effectively removes odors from your hands! If you know a dad that loves cooking food, then this is the perfect gift for them, because it removes scents like, for example, garlic from your fingers. This hand soap is also perfect for the dads who love to fish, garden, or even those who love eating flavored chips😉 The Anti Smell hand soap can remove all kinds of odors from your hands!

3. Universal Cleaner


Everybody has to clean. This universal cleaner smells lovely and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and only mild preservatives. It can be used on any surface that tolerates water! If you know a dad who cares strongly about his furniture, marble tabletop, bike, etc., then this is the gift for him! It effectively removes dirt and is gentle on the items he cares about.

  1. Coupons


We here at Humdakin have found the solution for dads who have everything and want nothing. Everybody loves coupons, and with these all you have to do is download the pdf and print! If children are involved they can have fun cutting the coupons out and stapling them together, or decorating a cute box for them to go in. Some coupons have been pre-made and others are empty, so you can add something! Get the pdf here

  1. Father's Day card


You can never go wrong with a card and some sweet words. Take some time to remind your dad, or a dad you know, that he’s making a difference in your life. Download and print the pdf and use it as a Father’s Day card, or fold it inside a card you already have. Get it here