Soon it's Easter - and, in Denmark at least, this means a lot of lunches and lots of chocolate! Something that often is part of the hostess gift

Chocolate is delicious, but it can get a bit much - especially around the holidays. Though, we have the perfect alternative! How about giving nice products that can delight the receiver for a long time - for example a nice hand lotion? 

Our hand lotion comes in 300 ml., which is perfect for the bathroom matched with Humdakin hand soap, as well as in 60 ml. that's perfect on the go. Choose between our 3 variants, 01, 02, and 03. 

Another perfect alternative for chocolate is fragrant sticks. 
Our fragrant sticks have a mild and lovely scent that keeps the home nice fragrant throughout the day. The receiver can decide the intensity themselves by adjusting the amount of sticks. Choose between IVORY or AMPLE, our two signature scents.

Put together your own Easter basket

Another option could be to put your own Easter basket together, with products from Humdakin instead of the usual wine or chocolate basket. These more traditional baskets are often the obvious choice for host or hostess gifts, so try something new that goes beyond a wine or chocolate basket! Choose instead pleasant smelling Humdakin favorites that keep on giving joy. Find a cute basket and decorate it with colorful tissue paper or ribbons and bring the host or hostess a basket with different Humdakin favorites. This could be a softening hand soap, a luxurious dish wash, a sustainable dish brush in mango wood or beautiful, soft textiles like our organic tea towel and dish cloth