Clean hands with Humdakin!

Moving into a second lockdown many places, we want to stress the importance of cleaning hands. Not only do a great and nurturing hand soap help with nice and clean hands, but with an effective nail brush, there's is no doubt that you'll have clean hands!

During the spring, we were so great at washing hands. The focus continued, but as many things, focus shifts, and maybe a long hand washing wasn't a priority in a life that were all of a sudden busy again. But it is not less important than before. An effective hand wash should last at least 20 seconds.  See our easy guide below. 

Use a mild and allergy-friendly hand soap when washing your hands. Using a hand soap from fx Humdakin, you are sure to have clean and soft hands after use as it does not contain SLS and are added extracts that care for your hands. Finish off with a nurturing hand lotion to avoid dry hands from the winter. 

Make your hand washing even more effective!

Using the guide above should ensure you clean hands and a great hygiene. However, in an every day live, grease and bacteria can also get stick under the nails. Use a durable nail brush while washing your hands to make sure you get into every corner. Our new nail brush is made from beech wood and tampico fibres. Beech wood is a hard and very durable wood that stays nice for a long time. Tampico fibres are plant-based waste material that's very durable.  This new nail brush fits perfect into any bathroom styling.