Calm mind and home with lovely scents!

 Scents impact your mind more than you may realize. They remind you of people, places and experiences. They give a feeling of calmness and relaxation. If there's something we love at Humdakin it's scents! Here's our daily aroma therapy. 

First step is always 10 minutes of tidying. Clutter in our homes means clutter in our minds. Make sure not only to clean, but keep clean. If you make sure to keep the house clean during the week, it will be one less thing to stress about in your life. If you follow Humdakin daily cleaning guide, the daily cleaning will take just a second - especially if you pair it with a great play list. 

 Prolong the scent of a clean home

To keeo the scent of a clean home, you can pair the cleaning with some scent diffusers. Humdakin's fragrance sticks is not only pretty and stylish element to your home, but also made to match the Humdakin cleaning products and scents of these, so it always feels clean and safe at home. To make sure that the fragrance is spread into your home, place the scent sticks in areas with a lot of traffic, such as the bathroom, living room or entrance and hall way, so the scent can be spread evenly.  Besides placement, the amount of sticks used also have something to say. With Humdakin's fragrance sticks, 10 sticks are included, but the more sticks, the more powerful the scent will be. The amount of sticks should depend on placement and how strong you want to scent to be. The more sticks, the more poweful the scent will be.

By using Humdakin's Ample fragrances sticks, there will be a lovely scent of the citrus fruit, Bergamotte and lotus flower.

  • Bergamotte contributes with a clean and fresh scent of citrus, which has a calming effect as well as uplifting effect on your mood. Bergamotte is therefore good on stressful days and can have a positive effect on depression and anxiety. 
  • The lotus flower is also known as a sacred flower and has a sweeter scent. It has been used in more than 1000 years as scent therapy in Asia. The scent of Lotus flower can create a hypnotic state that has positive effect on your mind as well as calming. 
  • Your first experinece with Humdakin's Ample fragrance sticks will result in a calming feeling in your body and calmness in your mind. 

The days that are exhausting - we all have them!

Some days are just longer and harder to get through than others. You come home and cannot seem to get off the couch. Light a scented candle - for example Humdakin's Manov and let it treat your mind and with the warm and calming scent. Lean back into the couch and feel how the room is filled with warmth and serenity. The sweet bulgarian honeydew honey will play with your senses and calm your body. You will quickly feel the happiness and the calmness running through your body and fill you with new energy! Can you imagine anything better after a long and hard day? 

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