Have you found your home's unique scent?

Have you found your home's unique scent?

Have you found your home's unique scent?

Scents are more powerful than you may think. As humans, we experience smells with olfactory receptors that are linked to our limbic system. This part of our brains controls emotions and memory. For that reason, we believe that every home should have its own specific and unique scent. Home is a place where we should all feel good. It should be a source of positive memories!

Finding the right scent for your home can be quite a challenge. If you haven’t found yours, don’t give up just yet. A scent is what helps to turn an apartment or a house to a home. Imagine opening the front door after a long and busy day and immediately smelling your home before even setting your foot inside. This scent gives you a feeling of relief and comfort. You know you’re about to enter your safe space and you can leave all worries and stress outside that door.

It’s just so important for us to feel good at home. Camilla Schram, owner of Humdakin, has shared that she remembers that as a child, she loved the smell of her home after cleaning and doing laundry. This triggers the ultimate homey feeling for her every time. These scents just represent many of her happy memories. She wants her kids to have their memories connected to the scent of their home as well. That's why she wanted to somehow capture the scents of her memory so that they could last longer. That longing led to the creation of the Humdakin fragrance sticks and scented candles.

scented candle and fragrance sticks

1. Fragrance sticks

Some of the benefits of fragrance sticks are the long-lasting effect and constant scent. The mild scent is slowly released through the sticks, whose purpose is to absorb and diffuse the scented oil. This is good because the air doesn’t have the over-powering scent that often lays heavy in the room. Thanks to this easy solution your home will have a pleasant scent for months.


  • Diffusers should always have a narrow bottle neck like our Ample and Ivory diffusers. This way the oil blend doesn’t evaporate but instead is absorbed dispensed through the sticks.
  • The blend shouldn’t consist of any parabens. Parabens are chemical preservatives which can affect your hormone function and can have a negative impact on your health.

To ensure that the scent gets to every corner of your home, place the fragrance sticsk or scented candle in high traffic areas like bathrooms, living rooms or hallways as the air circulates more there. Additionally, the number of sticks you put into the bottle should depend on the size of the room and also how strong you want the fragrance to be - the more sticks, the more scent is diffused to he room. Don’t forget that the diffuser shouldn’t be anywhere near a source of heat so the oil blend doesn’t evaporate or spoil. 

Humdakin’s diffusers were made to last without the use of any parabens or dyes. The bottle is decorative yet functional. You can choose from 2 scents, Ivory and Ample, which are inspired by Camilla's childhood memories and a clean home full with positive energy. 

fragrance sticks



The heart of the blend consists of cedar wood and patchouli. The woody cedar soothes the mind while patchouli adds this mildly sweet, playful and earthy element to the scent. This scent should improve your mood and create a calm feeling in your home.




Bergamot is a citrus fruit and adds the right amount of zest. Lotus flower, on the other hand, is floral and a bit sweet. This mixture should create a stress-free and peaceful atmosphere in your home.



When your glass bottle of Ivory or Ample fragrance eventually runs out of the oil blend, all you need to do is pour a refill in the bottle and change the sticks! The refills bottle are available in recyclable plastic, so you can pull a full oil refill in the original glass bottle and then recycle the refill bottle. The refill also comes with 10 new sticks. 

2. Scented candles

scented candle


You might have heard about the danish word "hygge". It’s all about coziness. If you would like to create a true hygge moment in your home, then candles are a great way to achieve that. We love candles for their ambience. The tiny flickering flame is fascinating and calming to watch.

What's better than burning candles? Burning scented candles! The scent blends in the air to fill your room with a pleasant scent in no time. This option is for everyone who loves to have a scented room for a shorter period of time. However, to get the best experience, leave candles burning for at least 1 hour.


  • You’ll know it’s a quality scented candle if you can smell it even when it’s unlit. However, if the scent seems to fake or is off, it could be because the candle is made with bad ingredients that interrupt the scent. 
  • Wax should be made of natural ingredients. You lower the risk of health issues.
  • Avoid petroleum-based candles. They're likely to pollute your air with nasty things like benzene 

Our Humdakin candles are 100% non-toxic and biodegradable. The wax is a blend  extracted from natural sources such as coconut, RSPO certified palm, and shea butter. That’s right, there’s no paraffin, dyes, or any animal product such as beeswax. On top of that, the candles burn cleanly and evenly, have a lovely and long-lasting scent, and are GMO-free!  Here's a little introduction to our two scented candles:

scented candle non-toxic



Inspired by the sweetness of Bulgarian honeydew honey, this candle is sweet yet mild. The candle smells like the mixture of a freshly cleaned home and new flowers on the dining room table. It's the perfect scent to give your home an extra portion of warmth and joy.


Named after the Yucca plant, this candle has a lovely fresh and floral scent. It embodies the scent of Sunday morning, when you do the laundry while a gentle breeze comes through the open garden door.

You can also mix our Humdakin scents together for a unique sensual experience. For example MANOV goes well with AMPLE.

Finally, it’s important to point out that the scent of your home is also influenced by other factors like how often you open the windows, the scent of your furniture, cooking etc. All this influences your unique home scent besides the fragrance blend, and is part of who you are! 

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