Activities for a memorable autumn holiday

Activities for a memorable autumn holiday

Autumn. The sun is getting shy, the heat is retreating, and the rain gets more familiar. But dear autumn, you are still a sweet friend of ours as you give more than you take. You bring beautiful colors in nature and we get excuses for cozying up inside with our favorite humans. And of course, the autumn holiday! In Denmark, week 42 is when families across the country enjoy a week off. We have asked Camilla what her favorite autumn activities are and gathered them for you to be inspired.

Autumn cleaning

Clean your way to a cozy environment
Start your holiday by cleaning, so you have more time to have fun for the rest of the holiday. Vacuum the floors and dust off all surfaces before wiping them off with a damp cloth and universal cleaner. Use anti-calc in the kitchen and bathroom and wipe down mirrors and glass using glass cleaner.

For more tips on how to organize and clean your home, read our article on Camilla’s best advice.

Svampejagt med system bucket

Pick mushrooms from the forest floor

One of the things we enjoy most about autumn is how nature produces food. Camilla always goes mushroom hunting with her family during autumn and it often turns into a competition of who can find the most and the rarest mushrooms. Time flies by when scouting the forest floor, and it is a great way to breathe lots of fresh air.

Bring our system bucket for easy sorting of the mushrooms.

Please remember that mushroom picking is not riskless. You need to be certain that the mushrooms are non-toxic. We advise you to join an experienced mushroom hunter or download a mushroom identifier app.

Go for a walk in the woods and gather natural decorations

Maybe you already know but let us repeat: We LOVE nature! A walk in the woods offers so many great possibilities for fun, calm, and utilizing nature’s natural resources for play and decoration. Bring the whole family and spend time gathering leaves, moss, chestnuts, sticks, stones, pinecones, and much more. 

Dry the beautiful autumn leaves between the pages of a paper and use them as decoration for the table with a beautiful tablecloth. You can also make your children paint the leaves and press them on paper for beautiful paintings. Save the pinecones for Christmas and use them in decorations. Chestnuts and sticks are great for making fun animals with children. Use tooth picks for the chestnuts and paint for drawing sweet faces.

Apron and oven mitts for baking

Let the smell of freshly baked buns or cake spread
Bake your favorite cake or buns. See if you can get more family members to join so you can practice working together and give the children ownership. Nothing puts a smile on the face like the smell of having something delicious in the oven. Wash the dishes in nourishing dish soap and put on the greatest singalong hits.

Get everyone to wear matching aprons, so you feel like a dream team! 

Scream of joy in water puddles
Humdakin is all about cleaning. But in order to clean, we need a bit of dirt. Sometimes it is okay to speed up the process, and one way is to find the biggest puddle after heavy rain. Wear your coolest rubber boots, rain clothes, take your family in the hand, and jump as high as you can!

Once your legs are tired, hurry inside and enjoy the cake or buns you have baked, throw your dirty clothes in the washing machine, and talk about who made the biggest water splash.

At-home spa

Compete to see who can relax the most in your at-home spa
While you wait for the clothes to dry, enjoy a relaxing at-home spa. Prepare a homemade scrub, hot towels, light a candle, and use a wonderfully scented body wash to make beautiful bubbles. We have made a guide for making the most luxurious at-home spa which you can read here: Create a luxurious at-home spa.

Cozy up with blankets for a movie night
Light candles, find all your blankets, choose a movie, and cozy up with all members of the family. We recommend making popcorns, buying your favorite candy, and putting on soft loungewear.


Prepare for Halloween
Halloween is just around the corner, and why not spend the autumn holiday preparing scary decorations? Make ghosts, bats, and pumpkins by cutting out two pieces of felt, sewing them together by hand, and stuffing it.

Get the biggest pumpkin miles around and carve out a scary face. Try to let your kids draw the face and cut as close to their drawing as you can. Finish off by washing the kids’ hands in a hand soap with a scent of bubblegum.

We hope that you could use some of our best ideas for autumn fun inspired by Camilla’s childhood and favorite activities as an adult.

Enjoy autumn!

Best autumn regards,

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