Camilla’s advice: How to organize and clean

Camilla’s advice: How to organize and clean

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Camilla has owned her own cleaning company before she launched Humdakin. In this post she is sharing some of her cleaning experience and delivers good advice on aesthetic and hygienic cleaning. A Clean home equals a calm mind.

Keep your home clean and tidy and avoid the overwhelming stress of an unmanageable mess - it actually saves you time

  • If you clean every week, you only have to use water and universal cleaner. (Preferably Humdakin’s gorgeous universal cleaner with salvia and sea buckthorn.)
  • Keep a cleaning mixture ready at all times for easy acces. Use our Humdakin Spray Bottle to premix your universal cleaner with water. Just mix, shake, spray and wipe - it does not get easier than that! 

Aesthetic cleaning                    

The aesthetic cleaning, is the daily superficial cleaning where you tidy up, wipe the surfaces in the kitchen or arrange some flowers. 

  • Organize your home so it looks clean and tidy at all times. For every minute you spend on organizing, you save an hour of searching, making a bigger mess and cleaning up. An organized home actually gives you time and energy.
  • Style your home with beautiful flowers. These natural beauties create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Treat your home and yourself with a bouquet every week.
  • A new hand lotion or hand soap makes your bathroom a pleasure for the eyes. Spoil your busy hands with Humdakin’s quality hand soap and hand lotion - they are booth practical and decorative.
  • Make your bed every morning - it only makes it look more welcoming when your see it again in the evening.
  • Keep your sinks clean. Use an organic dish cloth and wipe your sinks with a mix of water and universal cleaner. You could optionally use a dry tea towel after use - force of habit, you know.
  • You avoid excessive limescale if you wipe the fixtures of with a dry towel after each time you have showered. The fixtures are then easier to clean and looks shiny for a longer period of time.
  • Polish your mirrors in the bathroom once or twice a week for a clean reflection. Use a damp cloth with a mixture of water and universal cleaner to clean and wipe the mirror with a clean, dry tea towel afterwards. It takes less than 30 seconds and makes all the difference!

Hygienic cleaning

The hygienic cleaning is the weekly cleaning, where you pull out the bigger cleaning tools.

  • Wash your linens and bedding twice a month - preferably with our lovely Humdakin Laundry Soap and Fabric Softener. Always wash your bedding at minimum 60 degrees to make sure the dust mites are killed.
  • Air your blankets or bed quilts every day - this makes for a healthier sleep environment.
  • Change your dish cloth, tea towel and kitchen towel every day. Always wash these at 60 degrees.
  • Clean your refrigerator once a month - kitchen hygiene is super important, so always be extra thorough there.
  • Ventilate your home every day, several times a day - and always while vacuuming. This gives your home a healthier indoor environment.
  • Clean the filter in your dish washer after every wash.
  • Change the toilet brush once every six months. It collects a bunch of bacterias every time you use it. Make it a habit to use the toilet brush every morning.

Happy cleaning!

Camilla & Humdakin

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