A more sustainable everyday life

We have gathered some of the small tips we use in our everyday life to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We don’t lead a perfectly eco-friendly life, but we have to start somewhere! If everybody made small changes in their daily routines, collectively it would have a huge effect! So, let’s inspire and support each other! 

That’s exactly what this blog post is about - the small changes we can make every day. Changes that don’t cost too much time or money. We hope we can help inspire you to have a sustainable mindset in your everyday life. 


1. Save plastic, use a tote bag! 

This isn’t big news, but it is however a really good (and easy) initiative to take if you want to cut down on your plastic use. Our tip is to find some tote bags that are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and that are beautiful. GOTs certified organic cotton because they can easily be washed and have been produced in a more eco-friendly way, and beautiful because then you’ll want to bring them with you! Always keep one in your bag, your car and hanging by the front door. Humdakin has just launched two new tote bags in beautiful designs and made with GOTS certified organic cotton. We love using them when we’re shopping! 

organic cotton tote bag, net, cotton bag for grocery shopping, sustainable

2. Make an easy and organized recycling system! 

We humans produce a lot of trash, but did you know that a lot of it can be recycled? In Denmark, hard plastic such as what food packaging and detergent packaging is made of can be recycled. Remember to wash everything you recycle and check your local and national regulations when it comes to what and how to recycle. You can use bags, baskets or holders specifically designed for recycling to organize it. We love using Pinterest to find inspiration for nice looking organizing solutions for recyclables. 

3. Try to cut down on single use plastics and instead buy products made from recyclable plastic

Adding on to our last tip, try to buy products that aren’t covered in plastic, for example farmers market groceries. We know that with a lot of products, plastic packaging is hard to avoid, such as with laundry detergents. You can however still choose alternatives made with recyclable plastic! All of Humdakin’s product packaging is made from easily recyclable PET plastic, which after being recycled can be used in many new products. Another tip is to make sure all of your food storage containers, travel mugs, water bottles etc. are made from recyclable plastic or other more eco-friendly and durable alternatives. 

PET recyclable plastic
4. Buy less, but buy better

Always reflect on which materials your items are made of. If you’re in a situation where you have to choose in between “normal” cotton bed sheets or GOTS certified, organic bed sheets, then always choose the latter, even though it may be a little more expensive. There’s many international certifications that are worth researching to decide how you want to change your purchasing behavior. If you do decide to spend a little more on, for example, GOTS certified organic cotton, you can rest assured knowing that there were high expectations to both a sustainable and socially responsible production throughout the whole process. In the same way, you can start considering purchasing items made from natural and biodegradable materials. This could be a wooden dish brush, like Humdakin’s new dish brush, instead of one made of plastic, which will remain on the planet a long time after you through it out.

5. Turn off the lights!

Many forget that the TV still uses energy even though it’s turned off. And that the Wi-Fi box is turned on and using energy for the 8 hours that you’re sleeping. You can save money and electricity than you would expect, by unplugging all of your electronics when you’re not using them. Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of electricity you use every day, especially when you’re sleeping! All you need to do is turn off the electricity at the sockets or unplug your electronics. You can also reduce your electricity in more general ways, for example by turning off lights when you’re not in the room or by wearing your T-shirt more than once in order to wash less.

6. Everyday products count too

It’s not often we spend time reflecting on our everyday products, like what’s in our laundry detergents, what we use to wipe the table with, to clean the bathroom with or to wash hands with. Humdakin’s products are free of chemical perfumes, harsh chemicals or harsh preservatives, making them an eco-friendly alternative. Remember to always think about what’s in the products you use every day, both for your sake and the environments. If you for example decide to choose more mild cleaning products, like Humdakin’s, you’re already making a difference in your everyday life.

sustainable cleaning products
There are countless examples of actions you can take to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, such as eating less meat, carpooling and shopping in charity stores. It’s amazing that there has come such a strong focus on how we as individuals can make a difference. However, as a brand with a huge focus on eco-friendly products and a sustainable lifestyle, we just want to remind you one more time that nobody has to be perfect! It’s much better to start with small changes in your daily routine, than to not to anything because you’re intimidated by the requirements of a perfectly “green” lifestyle. That’s why we’re hoping that these tips that we ourselves use, can inspire you to start with the small things - they make a difference too!