Moving out? The big guide for cleaning

Moving out? The big guide for cleaning

This is how you do a good cleaning if you are moving. With a move follows a thorough cleaning of the space you've called home for some time. Here is our tips for a good and thorough cleaning.  

Important! put on some music so cleaning becomes more fun and not just a thing that you need to get over with. here we recommend our own playlist on Spotify, cleaning as work out. With this playlist, you are guaranteed a party of cleaning 




Start by using anti clac spray in the toilet and in the shower to remove limescale. Leave it for 1 minute, rinse after and then put the toilet cleaner in the toilet so the toilet can really shine. If you use a toilet cleaner with dye, it is a good idea to use it after you have removed calc so that the color does not settle into the calc in the toilet bowl. 

When it comes to the bathroom, we need to scrub often as the tiles are exposed to a lot in daily use. The limescale which comes from your lovely long baths, unfortunately, does not disappear by itself, but with a good limescale remover, it goes like a breeze. Showerhead, hose, and the filter probably also require the use of a good limescale remover. While working in the shower, you can clean the grate and the drain, or else it might have a little surprise for the new owner, which they will probably want to be without. The same goes for the drain in the sink. 

All surfaces and any cabinets should be washed off in a good soap mixture. Using Humdakin's universal cleaner, add a teaspoon to 500ml of water, shake the spray bottle and you are ready to go to battle against the bacteria. Spray and wipe all surfaces - even those you may have missed for everyday use, such as cabinets and moldings. If you have a lot of surfaces that need to be cleaned, then it may be a good idea to make a bucket of soapy water. The soap leaves your bathroom with a delicious scent of sea buckthorn and sage.

Of course, the mirror should not be left out for a polish with a delicious glass cleaner without unnecessary chemicals, wipe with a clean tea towel so that there are no streaks on the mirror. 


All spiderwebs that could be in hooks and corners are removed. The same goes behind the radiators and between the hot plates.

All surfaces, cabinets, and drawers are washed off. Also do not forget to wash the cabin in which you keep the trash thoroughly, as there may well be overlooked leftover food and dirt. The same applies to cabinets where there can be a lot of dust and dirt. The sink must also be cleaned and descaled.

Your oven might need a loving hand and a good scrub after all the delicious food you've been making in it. Put the oven cleaner in and let it sit for an hour to achieve full effect. Once it has settle into the dirt, use a good brush so that the dirt really gets a fight. Also remember to clean baking trays and grates, using Humdakin's dish soap, and a good brush for this.

The stove must be scrubbed with universal cleaning. Also remember to pay attention to the hood, as it will need a thorough cleaning. Remove the filter from the hood and wash it as unwanted grease accumulates. Most filters can handle a ride in the dish washer. 

The freezer needs to be defrosted and cleaned with a good soap mixture. The refrigerator should have the same turn. Also wash the outside of the refrigerator and freezer, from grease fingers. Remember to leave them open so that they do not smell and turn it off.

Start the dishwasher, using only soap and rinse aid, so that it is completely clean afterward. While you wait for the dishwasher to finish, you can wash all windows outside and inside with glass cleaner or a mixture with universal cleaner.

Other rooms

All cobwebs that could be in hooks and corners are removed. In these spaces, as in all others, all surfaces are washed!

Finally, vacuum and wash all floors, doors, and moldings. For this you can also use Humdakin's universal cleaning, but if it is the other mixing ratio, 2 tablespoons to 5 liters of lukewarm water.

The new tenants or owners will thank you for the delicious cleaning and scent they are greeted by as they walk in the door.

To the new home

Create coziness in your new home by lighting a Manov scented candle, so that it is a home as soon as you walk in the door.

A little tip: It is always a good idea to wash the dishes after it has been wrapped in newspapers, towels, or others. 

If you are missing a housewarming gift for someone who has just moved, then Humdakin's cleaning kit is the perfect idea so others can have the same pleasure of cleaning as you. It is also a perfect gift for yourself if you need a little refill for your new home.


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