Why we use recyclable plastic

Every choice made at Humdakin is made with the environment in mind, for example when Camilla had to choose the packaging for her products. Because even though it was important for her that the products were beautiful to look at, it was equally as important to her that she used the right material. After doing some research and talking with her manufacturers, Camilla has found the right solution that fits with Humdakin’s values, and still maintains the aesthetic of the brand.

Although glass bottles could be an alternative to plastic, Camilla decided against it for safety reasons. She did this because she knows that when you’re cleaning at home there’s often wet surfaces and wet hands or gloves. This increases the chance of a glass bottle falling and shattering. That’s why glass isn’t considered, when Camilla designs new products.

Humdakin packaging for the liquid products is therefore made with PET, recyclable thermoplastic. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is used in most of the soda bottles and water bottles we see. It is the most used plastic type in the packaging industry in Europe. Thanks to PET plastic’s stiff and durable quality, Humdakin’s products can easily be used and handled in daily life without the bottle losing its shape and can therefore still stand on the kitchen or bathroom counter as a decorative element.

The reason for this choice of plastic is that PET is a type of polyester. It can be recycled and used for many things, for example isolation in sleeping bags, electric components, fleece or food packaging. These days, some mention the term circular plastic packaging, which means the material can be recycled to make the exact same object, without compromising the quality. PET plastic materials are a huge part of this, since it is the plastic sort found most in trash from Danish homes. It is also the only plastic material that people are 100% sure keeps its quality after being recycled. That’s why it’s a great material to recycle!

With your help we can insure that Humdakin packaging ends up in the right places, so the plastic can be recycled. When you’ve used all of the liquid product, remember to keep the packaging separate from other trash, so you can put it in your recyclables trash can or turn it in somewhere. In this way, we’re all doing our best to reduce our impact on the environment!