When you ask, we listen…

And therefore, we can finally present to you the newest Humdakin product: a scent stick refill for the AMPLE and IVORY scent sticks.

We received a bunch of inquiries about ways to prolong the life of our scent sticks instead of having to buy a whole new one. The wish to recycle is something that’s close to our heart and therefore, we went straight ahead to develop a solution to prolong the life of the scent sticks.

This resulted in our new scent refill that comes both for our AMPLE as well as IVORY scent sticks. In the package you’ll find 250 ml. of aroma in a reusable plastic bottle with a nice wooden cap as well as 10 new sticks made of cedar. It’s of course the same nice scent you get when buying the refill, so you can enjoy your favorite scent for many more months.

The only thing you need to do is fill your flacon with the fluid and put in the new sticks. If you want it to last for longer just use 2-3 sticks at a time.

If you want to put the plastic bottle into good use, put a couple of your favorite flowers in, so it’ll decorate your home in true Humdakin-style - #cleanandstyle!

We hope you’ll welcome our news, and we’ll look forward to send out refills for nicely scented homes.