What makes Humdakin’s scented candles special?

Humdakin's two new scented candles, Yucca and Manov, are beautiful, 100% plant-based and with a mild and soft scent. What exactly makes them different from other lights?

The unique thing about our scented candles is that they are made from an optimal mixture of high-quality, plant-based materials. This is instead of creating a candle made only of, for example, soy.

scented candle biodegradable

Camila, owner of Humdakin, has chosen this mixture of wax because it fulfills all her requirements, without compromising on the quality. When creating the candles, Camilla prioritized:

  • A non-toxic and biodegradable wax. A mixture of plant-based ingredients minimizes the amount of particles released when the candle is lit.
  • The candle has a “clean” burn and no wax is wasted, which is possible thanks to the soy in the blend.
  • Optimal crystallization - which means that after having melted, the wax returns to its natural state beautifully.
  • A long-lasting scent partially due to the RSPO certified palm oil 

The wax blend is GMO free, meaning it is made from sustainable plant-based materials without any genetically modified oils. Amongst these materials are sheabutter, soy and RSPO certified palm oil. RSPO certified palm oil means that it is responsibly and sustainably sourced, and the production of this specific palm oil is closely supervised. RSPO is a certification that has many requirements and that ensures it is not irresponsibly produced.

All these different high-quality ingredients contribute in each their own way and together create a scented candle that reflects Humdakin’s DNA - lovely scents, sustainable and beautiful to look at!