At Humdakin we just love mothers. We’ll soon be two new mothers just here in the office. Mothers are always ready with a cup of coffee and a hug whenever its’s needed. And we remember to honor and remember those, who are no longer with us.

But there’s no doubt that we are celebrating the day. And we are not alone. We asked some of our partners what the days means to them and how they are celebrating it.


Camilla Schram // Founder and owner Humdakin

I’m so lucky to have both of my grandmothers, my mom, and soon three lovely kids - that’s three generations of mothers in my family! Being somebody's mom and seeing my own mom be my kids' grandmother means the world to me. 

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved mother’s day, and I still see it as a special day. I used to go outside in the garden and pick flowers for my mom, whom I am very grateful for. 

I love Mother’s day because it is a wonderful day that allows you to spend time with your mom, showing her how much you appreciate her. I pride myself in showing my mom I appreciate her everyday with hugs, words and small gifts - but I still see Mother’s day as a chance to do something extra - because they deserve it!

We are all hardworking women, who kiss, hug and help our kids everyday - and let’s not forget about all the laundry! For me, a mother is someone who is always ready to help, and now I am honored to be there for my own kids. I love when I hear them yell “Mom help, I can’t find my teddy bear!”. For me, it’s the small things in life that really make a difference. Being able to give a little and get so much back in return, as you do as a mother, is a gift in itself. 

Camilla Shram – Founder and owner / Humdakin


Daniela // @wunderblumen 

Personally, I do not need this day for myself; he has a certain tradition and I know that it was important to my grandmothers, for example, that they thought of her that day.

I love my mother very much - every day! Nevertheless, as a child, I often gave her a small present or picked some flowers that day. Often, these small gifts were and are being crafted and prepared in the schools. Even today I call her on Mother's Day or give her some beautiful flowers.

Actually, we should (like Valentine's Day) use every day to show this person how important he is for us.

I do not expect much from my children that day and I am not disappointed if they forget it. Love shows itself in the small moments, in everyday life - it can not and must not be planned for me.

Sometimes my kids did things for me in kindergarten or school; even small self-picked bouquets were on the kitchen table every morning on Mother's Day. But as I said, I do not need that to be aware of her love.

Mother's Day always takes place in Germany on the 2nd Sunday of May of each year and is an unofficial holiday in honor of the mothers.

In 1922/1923, Germany began to launch the initiative "Ehret die Mutter". This should deliberately not be a political statement and only revive the floristry industry. On this day, I think, many bouquets are still being bought.

Most of all I was happy about these little self-picked bouquets, but of course also about their little handicrafts. Something I always find magical.


Anja Willemsen // @anjawillemsen

“On mother’s day my daughter an I spend the day together. We have some lunch and good wine and a talk. We might do a but of shopping as well, as in the in picture. The picture we took at the Sukha store in Amsterdam today. On mother’s day we visit my mom as well”.


@65 nord // Scandinavian Concept Store

''In Germany we are celebrating Mother’s Day with flowers and a little gift to mom. Scandinavian Design classics are always a good gift idea. We will gladly help you to find  something special for your mom from our selection. But even we love to give gifts, the most important thing is to spend time together.''



Velda // @bllhome

“I am not raised to celebrate Mother's Day, but since my children have grown big enough to understand, it is a little fun to be courted to. We celebrate the day with a nice dinner and the children usually always come up with a surprise that they made themselves in preschool. Simply, it will be a nice family time”


Humdakin wish you all the most amazing Mothers Day!

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