Valentines treats with Humdakin

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether it's something you celebrate or not, and whether you have a partner or not, it's a great way to spark your relationships. At Humdakin we have some inspiration on how to treat someone you care about, whether it's your partner, your parents or a good friend.

5 things you can spoil with on Valentine's Day:

1. At Humdakin we love fresh flowers, and if there's anything that says Valentine's Day besides chocolate, it's fresh flowers. If you're not into the red roses, we get it! Find a nice bouquet of seasonal flowers: for example, a large bouquet of tulips, which are always available in many pretty colors. Put the finishing touch with a nice vase to revitalise your home.

2. Tidy up. Whether you have the energy to do the whole house, or whether it's the catch-all drawer or the fridge that's been dragging on for too long, or whether it's 10 or 60 minutes, we're sure it will bring joy.

3. Create 30 minutes of peace of mind and give a massage. You can arrange it yourself or offer the job to the best masseur in town. Either way, 30 minutes of calm, a little music and relaxation can leave everyone feeling rejuvenated. If you're up for it, you can light a nice scented candle to give the senses a little boost.

4. Imagine what a hero you are when your lucky Valentine comes home to a freshly cleaned home because you had the energy to clean the house. A good universal cleaner and a spray bottle will go a long way, and we're sure it'll be appreciated!

5. Breakfast in bed. Postpone the Valentine's celebrations until the weekend, when there might be better time, and prepare a good breakfast in bed with your partner's favorites. And most importantly, remember to get out the dish soap and brush afterwards and do the dishes!


We hope that provided some inspiration. If you're completely lost on a great gift, don't doubt. We've created a Ten Hour Card you can give someone you love, so you have a little time to run on yet.

Download it here.