The wonder of the elderberry

The fall is officially here, and this means that the elderflower has turned into the small, dark red elderberries that are known for their healthy properties. Elderberry is a super-berry, and therefore, we have chosen to include it in our soap and lotions. Learn about the wonders here. 

Hand care and elderberry

This series of hand lotion and hand soap is for you who want a mild perfumed scent and a good effective hand care which is also allergy-friendly. The hand lotion leaves your hands soft and with a mild fresh scent while the mildly foaming hand soap leaves your hands clean and indulgent.

This unique and emollient hand care contains natural extract from elderberry and birch. Elderberries are known for their caring and anti-aging properties, while birch contains bactericidal and soothing properties, which have a healing and soothing effect on your skin. Also, the mildly foaming and fragrant hand soap also with natural extract from elderberry and birch, which not only leaves your hands soft, but also with a nice, pleasant fresh scent that draws you to the warm evenings of late summer

Elderberry, the super-berry!  

Elderberries are known for their tasty berries that are often used in soups and juices. However, not everyone knows how many good effects the berries actually have.

Studies show that elderberries boosts the immune system and have a positive effect on influenza virus. Furthermore, Norwegian studies shows that elderberry extract gets flu patients quickly back on their feet, actually so quick that they spare half of the sick days. 

Researchers have also shown that elderberries contain large amounts of black-purple flavonoids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Take elderberries home with you

What can you use the little beautiful red berries for?

  • Make your own elderberry soup and sense how the lovely fresh scent spreads in your kitchen. REMEMBER! Do not eat them raw, they must be cooked for a minimum of 20 min.
  • Make your own elderberry juice. Elderberry juice is very healthy, and your body will thank you for a fresh shot of vitamin C. Clean your juice bottle with dish soap and a bottle brush before poring the deep red juice into the bottle.
  • You can also make your own elderberry syrup for your yoghurt, morning porridge or dessert.
  • Use them for a beautiful decoration along with flowers and the season’s greens

At Humdakin, you will find the delicious small berries in a lovely symphony with birch in our hand lotion 02 and hand soap 02.