The woman behind Humdakin

woman behind humdakin owner of humdakin Camilla

Camilla Schram is an innovator - she is the owner and founder of HUMDAKIN, a brand she started alone after having owned a cleaning company for seven years. It wasn't easy: studying innovation in school, an old job as a flower decorator, courses in the production of soap, and 5 years of hard work on the brand prior to the launch of Humdakin all made the brand what it is today. That's why there is so much more to the brand than cleaning products with pleasant scents and beautiful packaging. This passion for cleaning and understanding of what it actually takes to get things clean has had a huge influence on Humdakin's products. Camilla has been able to differentiate her products because she has the experience it requires to make cleaning products that are effective, yet don't have all the unnecessary ingredients that affect our planet. 

humdakin products camilla the woman behind Humdakin

Her love for and knowledge of cleaning is what makes her products more than just Danish design. It makes them allergy-friendly, effective, aesthetic and gentle on the environment - a beautiful combination if you ask us!     

Besides having the knowledge to create these effective products, Camilla also has the drive to be a part of the whole process - from watching them mix the samples in the lab, to testing, to seeing how they fill the finished products at the factory. This way she makes sure that the products are of the best quality and have been made under proper conditions. It also allows her to ensure that the ingredients stem from natural extracts, are allergy-friendly and without parabens, chemical perfumes or endocrine disrupting substances and carcinogens.