The story behind Humdakin

Many people decorate their homes with beautiful design but rarely change their sheets or bedding, and it was this experience that gave birth to Humdakin. Owner and founder of Humdakin, Camilla Schram, had her own cleaning company in the years before she got the idea for Humdakin. The vision behind Humdakin is to remind people to focus on good hygiene, while making cleaning products so beautiful that you won’t want to hide them away in the cabinet.


Camilla Schram started her own cleaning company as a young student. Her focus was always on giving customers a luxury experience - like a hotel stay. For example, private customers came home to neatly folded toilet paper, and a fresh hand soap at the sink. Her focus was to create the little luxury in the everyday lives of her customers, and this mindset was carried on in what would later become Humdakin.

"I've been in so many homes that were beautifully decorated, but with the same dishcloth hanging in the kitchen when you come back the next week. Many people live very busy lives today, and many of us in the younger generations have never learned anything about cleaning and hygiene - it's more about having a nice home." Camilla Schram believes.

Alongside her cleaning company at the time, Camilla Schram spent her time developing the concept that would later become Humdakin. She delved into the production of soaps together with her aunt, who is a trained laboratory technician. In addition, Camilla Schram knew that she needed a great design if she was to succeed in getting her cleaning products to the most exclusive interior retailers.

Today, the mission has been accomplished and Humdakin supplies products to luxury interior stores in 55 different countries.