The most common mistakes made when dusting!

Dusting sounds easy, but do you know if you're making crucial mistakes when it comes to removing dust and dirt in your home? We've gathered the most common mistakes people make when dusting.

1. You dust too infrequently
Dusting should be a weekly ritual! We recommend dusting at least once a week, so you're keeping clean rather than cleaning. This will make you, your furniture, and your plants happy. Dedicate one (and preferably two) days of the week to dusting to make sure you get it done. Otherwise, little zeros can quickly accumulate under your bed, bookcase, or sofa. And that's one kind of decoration we don't want in a nicely styled home.

Dust your home

2. Do I dust or vacuum first?
Many people ask whether it's better to dust or vacuum first. However, the answer is not so simple. We usually say to dust from the top down. You can use both a vacuum cleaner and a duster for this. You can also use a duster or damp cloth to dust ceiling lights and corners. Then use a vacuum cleaner with a brush on for the walls, and then you can pick up your furniture, plants, and then the floor. This way, you'll remove as much dust as possible.

3. Dust in textiles
Remember the textiles in your home? Many people make the mistake of forgetting about textiles. Duvets, pillows, sofas, and carpets collect all the dust that circulates in the air. Use the brush head on your vacuum cleaner for your fabric sofa and carpet and vacuum thoroughly in holes and crevices. Cushions and duvets should be beaten and hung outside to air.

Remember textiles

4. Dust your plants
Plants collect dust too, unfortunately. Plants with broad leaves are particularly good at catching dust. And that's not just bad for the aesthetic eye, but also your plants. A layer of dust on the leaves can mean they have trouble absorbing the sunlight they need! So don't make the mistake of forgetting to give your plants a loving hand when dusting. If you only spray the leaves with water, they'll collect dust even more easily. That's why you should gently wipe the leaves with a cloth to dust your plants.

5. You forget to change your vacuum cleaner bag
One last mistake is related to your vacuum cleaner. Do you remember to change the bag often, even before it gets completely full? The vacuum cleaner can't vacuum optimally if there's a lot in the bag, and then the dust in your home just ends up being moved around. So remember to buy new vacuum cleaner bags - even before your vacuum cleaner complains.

Now that we've outlined the five most common mistakes we make when dusting, we hope you've learned some new things so your home's styling can take center stage.

Once you’ve finished dusting, you can move on to wiping off surfaces with a damp cloth and universal cleaner.

Happy cleaning!