The most beautiful table setting with Humdakin

Do you also love having company over, but have gone into a dark hole, when it comes to being inspired to set the table?

It’s always a mood booster to have candle lights on the table. It set the mood for the evening and a nice atmosphere, and it won’t blind or create the wrong atmosphere for your dinner.

With Humdakin’s scented candle you can set a beautiful table with a good conscience as the candles are made from 100 % natural, sustainable and plant-based ingredients. The wax blend is non-GMO, non-toxic and burns nice and even.


Fresh flowers are also a must when we set any table. The most important thing is that they are not so big that they prevent you from having conversations across the table. Make sure that the flowers you choose matches the rest of the table and choice of colors. This makes sure that not too much is happening, which can disturb the mood you wish for.

No more single-use napkins!

Moving on to one of the more overseen elements of the table setting, which easily can be the cherry on top of a great table – the napkins! A beautiful napkin is what can tie the whole table together. Therefore, we at Humdakin have made it possible for you to choose a sustainable and more luxious alternative to the single-use napkins. The napkins are made from 100 % GOTS certified organic cotton and come I a 2-pack in 5 great colors:

  • Oak
  • Green seaweed
  • Coal
  • Stone
  • Light stone


But how do we style a napkin the best way? Luckily, there's plenty of inspiration to get on Youtube.