The final countdown of spring cleaning

Have you gotten a great start to your spring cleaning? If not, luckily the spring isn't over yet - but it is nice to get done and use Easter for enjoying the warmer weather and possible sunny days. 

Here are some things you've might forgotten: 

Radiators: If you live in a house with radiators, it might be some of the things you neglect. However, they can be home for lost of dust and spider webs which isn't good for the indoor climate. Find your vacuumer and the narrow nozzle and get good around the radiator: behind and in between.  

Curtains and blinds: how often are you cleaning these? They can gather lots of dust as well as smells often settles. Make sure to wash the curtains after the guides and make sure to hang them in place to dry to avoid creases. The blinds can be a bit more difficult to handle. Start by vacuuming and if this is not enough, take them into the shower and rinse. If there's more settles dirt and dust, you can use a brush and some universal cleaner. 

Windows: What's better than finishing off with clean windows now as the sun go through and might reveal that they haven't been cleaning for a while? Mix universal cleaner or dish soap with water and find your swap, a brush and a clean and dry tea towel. The optimal is to clean on an overcast day. Use a glas cleaner to finish off and avoid streaks. 

 We hope that you could use these few tips and be ready for spring weather and summer to come.