The caring wonders

At Humdakin we focus on choosing some of the best, nurturing ingredients for our products. In our blog series about our products, we are today focusing on some of the ingredients that reoccur in our product range.

This time it’s about sea buckthorn and chamomile, which you will find both together and by themselves in some of our products. That’s because we truly love the effect both ingredients have on our skin.

Keep reading to hear what all the fuss is about!

Sea buckthorn

Besides being a tasty, bright orange berry, sea buckthorn is also rich on vitamin C, fruit acid, and fatty acids and therefore it’s highly effective for multiple purposes. Sea buckthorn is especially suitable for skincare - and notably for mature, dry and damaged skin. The fatty acids from the berry works great in our products, as it leaves the skin soft and flexible. It also has a positive effect on the skin’s elasticity and moisture.


Maybe you know chamomile best from when your throat hurts. However, chamomile also does wonders on your skin! It can have a calming and balancing effect on the skin, which is exactly what you need when the seasons are changing, and your skin tends to be dry. Moreover, chamomile has a hypoallergenic effect, which is important in products we use on a regular basis.

Both together and by themselves, sea buckthorn and chamomile have a lot of great qualities. In Humdakin, we choose to pair them in multiple products. You can find sea buckthorn and chamomile in 01 hand soap and lotion as well as Laundry Soap  and Fabric Softener, where the qualities are great for you and your skin. 

If you love them as much as we do, you can find the products here: