The Art of Transforming Your Home into a Hotel in 30 Minutes

The Art of Transforming Your Home into a Hotel in 30 Minutes

Imagine stepping into your home after a long day at work. The fresh air gives you renewed energy and the luxurious surroundings pampers you with a feeling of being at your favorite hotel. We want to show you how you can create luxurious hotel vibes in your own home so you can fully relax and enjoy your favorite things.

By following Humdakin’s three steps to a happy home we guide you to how you can transform your home into a hotel in just 30 minutes.  

Organize your Hotel with Humdakin

1. Organize your own hotel

If you keep your home neat and tidy daily, it becomes faster and more fun to clean your home. Besides, you avoid that the mess gets into your head and ruins your ability to relax properly. When organizing your home to create the feeling of a hotel, it is important that you focus on minimalism and cleanliness.

Organize your bathroom shelves by throwing expired products away and place big products, such as hair styling tools, in a basket under the sink or on the top of a cabinet. Use baskets and boxes to organize all your products to free up some space on the shelves and project minimalism. Creating a simple counter is especially important if you aim for a luxurious hotel vibe in the bathroom. Clear the counter from everything except a nice hand soap and hand lotion to pamper your guests’ hands. Add a scented candle or fragrance sticks to the counter to let the unique scent of your private hotel fill the room. A small vase with a pretty flower can also create a welcoming feeling. 

Put toilet paper in a basket made from seagrass to make it easily accessible for you and your guests. Fold the toilet paper just like the most luxurious hotels, and place neatly folded towels in a basket or roll them and place them on a shelf. 

You can use different tools for organizing your essentials throughout your home. Buckets, old jars, tins, and trays are easy ways to make your home look organized and get rid of loose things occupying space.

Use universal cleaner to clean your home hotel

2. Clean your way to a calm atmosphere

Have you ever experienced opening the door to your much-anticipated hotel room and then discover dirt on the floor, limescale in the sink, and dust on the surfaces? Not a welcoming and luxurious feeling, is it? Cleaning your home is key when creating your private hotel and it does not have to feel like a chore. Start by creating the right surroundings for a nice cleaning experience. Put on your favorite music, podcast, or bust a move while swinging the cloth.

The first step of your cleaning routine should always be to air out and pull out the vacuum. Once the floor is free from dust and last night’s snacks, wipe off all counters, tables, and surfaces in every room for dust and stains. This includes shelves, counters, cabinet doors in the kitchen as well as the bathroom and cleaning both sinks and the shower with anti-calc spray. We recommend that you wipe with a dry cloth afterward to eliminate streaks. With the use of glass cleaner, wipe down mirrors, windows, and chrome faucets that you haven’t already cleaned with anti-calc. Clean the toilet in the bathroom from bacteria, limescale and make it shine right back at you.

Once your surfaces are clean, change dishcloths, tea towels, and hand and bath towels so your textiles are fresh and ready for clean hands.

Add flowers and accessories to style your hotel

3. Style your hotel to luxury

At this point, your private hotel is organized and clean. We just need it to look clean as well. This is where styling enters the picture. Every hotel needs to feature trendy and timeless styles. The two prior steps have made your hotel ready to be styled with an interior that can now get the attention it deserves. Styling is very individual, and just like every hotel’s styling is different, you should choose the colors, shapes, and textures that make YOU happy. Remember, this is your opportunity to create your dream hotel, so choose what feels right!

The first step in your styling is choosing whether you prefer a neutral or colorful interior decoration – or maybe a mix between the two. Most hotels use calm colors to create peace and display cleanliness. However, if you prefer the energy and happiness that colors radiate, try to implement this in your styling.

Starting in the kitchen, you can place your dish products on a beautiful tray by the sink. Make sure your textiles such as dishcloths, tea towels, and hand towels match to create consistency and a calm atmosphere. To create a consistent theme throughout your private hotel, you can benefit from choosing identical textiles for your bathroom. It lets your guests know that you have thought about every detail to make them feel welcome. 

By implementing natural materials, such as wood and stone, in your bathroom styling, your bathroom will get a down-to-earth atmosphere that invites to wellness nights. Increase the feeling of wellness by using matching soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Again, leave nothing to chance! When having overnight guests, you can add products in travels sizes in small baskets so your guests can freshen up in your luxury hotel.

Symmetry can add to a calm atmosphere. Try placing two or three baskets under the sink to create clean lines. Once you are happy with the styling of your bathroom, choose your unique fragrance and place a scented candle in the room to meet your guests with a luxurious experience to remember.

Finish off with a fresh bouquet of flowers in your favorite vase in the living room and add fresh fruit to a bowl.

Now, step out of your front door and take a deep breath. Close your eyes, step inside, breathe in, open your eyes, and let all the details calm your mind and give you energy for what’s to come. Is this not the best hotel you have ever been to?

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