Take care of your best four-legged friend

Summer is coming. But not everyone enjoys the sun and warmth equally. Our four-legged friends react differently to the summer weather than we do, so it's important to pay extra attention to the wellbeing of our best friends when the temperature rises. Sunstroke, dehydration, and heat stroke are also serious and possible scenarios for our dogs.

We've gathered our top tips on how to take care of your best friend in the heat below:

- Never leave your dog alone in the car on hot summer days

- Make sure your dog always has access to fresh water

- Make sure your dog stays in the shade

- Be extra careful with old, sick and flat-nosed dogs

- Wait for long walks until late evening or early morning when the temperature is often lower

- Remember that asphalt gets very hot and can damage your dog's paws. Therefore, always check with your own hand first if the asphalt is tolerable to walk on. A rule of thumb is that if the asphalt is so hot that you can't walk in bare feet, your dog can't walk on it either

- Remember that it can get very hot in public transportation like subways, buses, etc.

- Even dogs can get sunburned, so be careful with too much direct sun

- Avoid encouraging wild games and running on the hottest days

- Use cooling mats, small swimming pools and cold water to keep your dog cool and comfortable

Want to take extra care and pamper your dog in the summer heat?

Clean, dust-free fur that smells fresh, mild and summery. Our dog shampoo provides all this. With ingredients such as cucumber and macadamia that cleanse, condition and leave a nice shiny coat and a great scent, we're sure your dog won't be the only one to love it.

Our dog shampoo is made with your dog's wellbeing and ultimate care in mind and at its core. In fact, it's inspired by and made in collaboration with our old office dog, King. King was Camilla's dog that came to work with her every day. King has of course tested the shampoo and is portrayed on the packaging. He even helped inspire our name, Humdakin.