Take a day out of your calendar for yourself and your home

After a long summer holiday, it can be hard to get used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life again. So make sure you take a day, an afternoon or an evening off for yourself. Here you can get a grip on the things that can weigh you down in everyday life. For many, getting started on a major clean can seem like an overwhelming project or a chore, but like so many things, it's the best feeling when you can sit back and know that the day's good work is done.

How do you get started?
A good start is to get an overview of all the drawers and cupboards, which are places where things tend to pile up and get forgotten. So make sure everything is where it should be, or use a nice terrazzo tray to organise your jewellery and creams in the bathroom, for example. Maybe there are some things that deserve a new home too? We surround ourselves with so many things we don't really need, so have a serious talk with yourself - and remember that clothes and things you can't use or appreciate anymore can easily be donated and bring great joy to other families. The fewer things you have, the easier it is to keep things organised and the easier it is to clean.

Then, take stock of the rest of the house, if there are any hang-ups, get them sorted out straight away. If it's time to do the laundry or there are still some dishes left over from breakfast, start with that.

Now for the fun part
Once that's taken care of, you can get down to the actual cleaning. Start by opening the windows and letting the fresh air flow through your home, giving you renewed energy to get on with it. If you like, put on a podcast or your favourite music - it often makes things go a little more smoothly.

The first step now is to give your living room and bedroom textiles some love. Change your bedding and give your duvets, pillows and blankets a good shake outside. Leave them to air out while you clean - there's often more dust in them than you think.

Wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth and vacuum your entire home.
Then you can move on to either the kitchen or the bath. Is it time for the shower to be cleaned of limescale or is your hood all greasy? These are small details that we often overlook, but once they're taken care of, you'll notice a huge difference.

Afterwards, you can wash all surfaces in all-purpose cleaner - your whole home will smell fresh and delicious.

Then you can put all your aired textiles back in; make your bed and put cushions and blankets neatly back on the sofa.

A pleasant end
Now that you've got your home in order, it's time to give yourself some love too.
End the whole session with a good home spa. Get all your favourite products ready and take yourself a long hot bath. If you've got a bathtub, it's a good idea to throw a nice bath bomb in the water while you relax after your good work.

Once you've done all that, light a soothing scented candle and lie back in your freshly laundered bedding with a clear conscience. Let the good feeling of cleanliness and calmness spread, and experience how delicious and liberating it feels to step out of the bath when you're greeted by a freshly cleaned home.