Humdakin stated with a love for cleaning and a lack of sustainable and effective cleaning products. Now, 5 years after the launch, our universal cleaner is the most popular product. And we understand why!


A  great universal cleaner is important for an effective cleaning. Humdakin's universal cleaner is a concentrate. This means that it's not filled with water like those in the supermarket. With the universal cleaner, you can play pretend chemist at home when mixing the product with water in your spray bottle. The mixing ratio is 1:100. This means that for a 500 ml spray bottle you only need 5 ml. universal cleaner. So with 1 liter of universal cleaner, you get up to 200 refills!

Besides being a concentrate, Humdakin's universal cleaner is rich on nurturing extracts from salvia and sea buckthorn, which also leaves a wonderful and clean scent. We've used as few and as mild preservatives and chemicals as possible as well as an allergy-friendly parfume, so the whole family can join for a great cleaning. The universal cleaner can be used on all surfaces that can tolerate water. 


The universal cleaner is with no doubt our darling, even though there has been added a lot of new products to the Humdakin family. Here, you have our best tips for an effective and sustainable cleaning with the universal cleaner. 

1. Spray and wipe! Many will gravitate to a bucket of water and a cloth, but you can save a lot of water ressources by using a spray bottle and a cloth in stead. You use a minimum of water and save wringing the cloth. You can do that when needed. Remember to change the cloth for each room you clean. For more greasy and demanding surfaces, a bucket of water mixed with the universal cleaner might be more effective. Mix 1 cap of the product with 5 liters of water. 

2. Keep clean. Use your spray bottle with the mix every day. It might sound like a lot, but it means that your cleaning will become much easier. Spend 5 minutes everyday with the spray bottle, universal cleaner and a dish cloth, and you will experience that your home feels clean and smell nice every day. 

3. Keep it by the sink. Keep your spray bottle with water and universal cleaner close by the kitchen sink. This way, it's always handy when accidents happen or when cleaning up after cooking on counter tops, dining tables and stoves. Besides being handy, it will also look pretty next to the dish soap and hand soap from Humdakin. 

Happy cleaning!