Sustainable cleaning and household products: Wooden brushes

Welcome to our new series on our blog! In the spirit of sustainable spring cleaning we’re dedicating this blog series to our cleaning products that are not only beautiful and functional but are also made with the environment in mind. Luckily, “sustainability” is a word that’s becoming more and more common in the average household. More and more people are trying to reduce their waste, plastic use, and chemical use. However, one area that’s still lacking is cleaning products! We want to share our products with you and explain exactly why they’re a good choice for you and for the environment.

The first product we’re featuring is our wooden brushes! We have a small and a long dish brush, a small and  a big wooden brush perfect for scrubbing vegetables, floors or other surfaces, and last but not least, a hand broom. Our cleaning duster and dustpan both have handles made of mango wood as well.   

All the wooden products are made from either mango tree or bamboo, which are both sustainable tree sorts. Mango trees grow fast and are only cut down after they have reached the age where they stop producing mango fruits. Using mango wood for our wooden brushes therefore keeps the tree from being cut down and burned as waste. Bamboo is water resistant and anti-bacterial, making it a practical and sustainable choice for wood brushes. The bamboo plant self-regenerative and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world.

The hairs on all the brushes are made from Coir, or coconut fiber, which is a rough material that comes from coconut shells. The material is obtained from ripe coconuts, which gives it a natural brown color. Coconuts are an abundant, renewable natural resource and this - combined with the fibers’ strength and low decomposition rate - makes coconut fiber an extremely sustainable material.

We hope you enjoy our sustainable cleaning series. We hope you’ll keep following along for more posts about our products and materials.