Something about kitchen textiles

You might underestimate what good textiles in your home can do. Maybe you are used to cheap dish cloth and towels from the supermarket, but if you look closer in your grandmother’s kitchen drawers, you will most likely find kitchen textiles as memory of the 50s and 60s. From a time where quality where in focus. This is what have inspired Humdakin’s kitchen textiles.

At Humdakin you’ll find 3 different textiles for your kitchen: tea towel as well as knitted dish cloth and kitchen towel. Back when Camilla launched Humdakin, she focused on making kitchen textiles for all days of the week. To keep the right hygiene in your home, all 3 styles should be changed out once a day. If they come in contact with any raw meat, fish or egg, they should be changed out immediately. 

But what can you use the 3 kitchen textiles for? We’ll tell you:


Knitted dish cloth

The knitted dish cloth will be your new best friend in the kitchen. Use it for wiping of stoves, hobs, counter tops and dining tables after preparing and enjoying your dinner. Use it for cleaning the excess water around the sink and use it for your daily and weekly cleaning. Tip: Use a new dish cloth for every room you clean.

Tea towel

Use the tea towel to dry off your clean dishes after a trip to the dish washer or in soapy water. A clean tea towel will also be a joy to add to your cleaning routine. Besides using it for glass and mirrors after using the glass spray, use the tea towel to wipe any surface off to reduce streaks.

Knitted kitchen towel

During cooking, doing the dishes and cleaning you will most likely be left with wet hands. A towel is therefore a great idea in your kitchen, so you’re not wiping off your hands in your clean tea towel. The knitted kitchen towel is also perfect for your bathroom and toilets for newly cleaned hands that need drying.


At Humdakin, we recommend changing these once a day as a minimum. Regular wash of the textiles will tear on the fibres, and therefore, the textiles should be of a great quality. All Humdakin’s textiles are made from 100 % GOTS certified cotton, which means that there has been a minimum use of resources and chemicals in production, and that raw materials are of a certain standard.

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