Rustic Flower Styling by Humdakin

When we open our windows, we can hear bumble bees buzzing and see butterflies elegantly hovering in the air over colorful gardens and meadows. The meadows are in full bloom now and smell like summer. It would be a pity not to have some similar flowers in your home! Garden flowers together with wild flowers are a great alternative to imported flowers. However, we still love to combine all three for a unique, stylish and diverse arrangement, one that  fits any modern household. We believe that nothing gives a room more life than cleaning and fresh flowers.

Today we’ll show you how to create a rich, rustic yet still modern flower styling for your table with white dahlias, branches of eucalyptus parvifolia, calla lily flowers, flamingo flowers (laceleaf), strelitzia leaves and some violet and white love-in-the-mists (nigella damascena). 

In the text below, Camilla will share some of her tips regarding flower styling, which you can find below the video. In case you didn’t know, Camilla used to work as a flower stylist for 4 years.


Flower styling 

  1. As the first thing, it’s important to consider the length of your flowers when choosing a vase for the arrangement. The longer the stems, the more support they need. Especially those with heavier flowers. Once you choose your vase, fill it with room temperature water just enough so that all stems can reach the water.
  1. Next, get rid of the leaves on the lower part of stems. They rot easily in the water and could spoil the water quickly. Cut the stems to a desired length and you’re finally ready to start with the styling!
  1. In this video, we started with some of the centerpiece flowers like the calla lilies. We then used eucalyptus and the love-in-the-mists to create support around the flower. Following that, we slowly added the main flowers, every time remembering to add some “filling” like the eucalyptus. Putting the stems in one by one gives you an overview of the arrangement and makes it easy to move flowers around as you see fit. For the wow-effect we added the flamingo flowers and used the strelitzia leaves to frame the arrangement. 

Find the video here


Camilla’s tips:

  • Don’t overdo it. Choose 3-4 types of flowers so the arrangement isn’t too complicated and distracting.

  • Add flowers in one direction to give the arrangement stability. Example: from right to left and turn your vase accordingly, while adding the flowers to ensure they are evenly placed and stable.

  • You can change the water every day or every other day.

  • Give your flowers a 2 cm diagonal cut every second day, so the flowers can drink properly

  • Don’t expose them to direct sunlight, so they can last longer.