Red seaweed in your hand soap?

Red seaweed in your hand soap?! 

Yeah, you heard right! In our Anti-Smell hand soap you can find extract from “red algae”, or red seaweed. If you’re thinking of slimy, red, underwater plants, then that’s exactly what it is. But there’s more to this underwater plant than you would think!

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 Red algae is actually great for your skin, and it is an ingredient that is gaining popularity within the skincare industry. This is due to all the properties and benefits it has. It is not only full of antioxidants, but it also adds and locks in moisture. On top of that, it is said that the content of red algae helps increase blood flow, which does many positive things for your skin, amongst others by increasing cell turnover.

Another benefit of red algae and the antioxidants in it, is that they fight free radicals. In short, free radicals age the skin, which is one reason why red algae is considered to have an anti-aging effect.

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 Finally, red algae extract contains vitamins and amino acids amongst other things, which are quickly absorbed by your skin and rejuvenate, repair and protect it. It is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Find this amazing ingredient in our Anti-Smell hand soap, which nourishes skin and removes odors at the same time! If you’re worried that your hands well smell like algae, don’t worry - the Anti-Smell in itself has a lovely, clean scent. Use it after cooking and preparing things such as fish, onions, garlic etc, to avoid your hands smelling for the rest of the day! 

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