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When launching Humdakin, Camilla had a desire to create products that were gentle and effective, but most importantly, had a lovely, mild and clean scent. Camilla succeeded, through 5 years of developing products without harsh chemicals, but with mild ingredients and natural extracts, as well as an allergen-free fragrance that does not contain the 26 fragrances known to cause allergies. Creating a product that is both effective, environmentally friendly, and not to mention allergy-friendly is very difficult and requires a lot, as many of the certifications contradict each other. We have chosen to create products that do not contain endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, that are not harmful to the environment during production and and likewise are not harmful to the environment in use. We use very low levels of preservatives and avoid the most commonly used preservatives, such as M1, MI, SLS and parabens, because we know that they have a negative effect on allergies. We don't use essential oils as they can be very allergenic, andΒ  chose to go with allergen free perfume, which is perfume that is not known to cause allergy, and therefore, all our products are very mild and fine in scent. Besides, it has been very important for us to create products of the highest quality.
In addition, Humdakin was launched with a dream and a desire to be responsible beyond the products. In addition to the focus on the products, it also had to be organic, GOTS certified textiles, ensuring good conditions for the environment and employees in production and with manufactures. For us, it has been far more important to make a good product that stood out from the crowd than to get eco-cert or swan label on our products, because that focuses too specifically on the products.
That's why we're also working hard to become B-corp certified, a certification that means much more to us than the alternatives that only look at the product. We want to be the best all around our value chain, and it can prove it. The application has been submitted and we have a score of 94 points. We have been working on this certification for 2 years.

We care so much and are responsible for what we create. ❀️