Our favorite garden flowers

After you’ve organized and cleaned your garden, balcony or patio, then it’s time for the fun part – styling it! When you clean your house inside, often the best way to style your newly cleaned home is with a bouquet of flowers. Well, the same counts for outside! If you have a little extra time and if the sun is shining, then there’s nothing better than giving your garden or patio a caring hand by adding some new flowers, lanterns or other decorative elements. Flowers can play a huge role in making your garden some more color and giving it a little more life. Personally, we can’t help but smile every time we look at the flowers in our garden. But which flowers are most suitable for the garden and for flowerpots? We’ve made a little guide for our favorite garden flowers:


Our very favorite flower, and the extract that provides a lovely scent in our 03 soap and hand cream! Peonies are beautiful flowers, that really add a wow-factor in the garden. They prefer fertile soil that drains well, and a sunny spot without too much wind. When these demands are met, peonies are actually pretty low maintenance! All they need is a little water.

Evergreen candytuft

A plant with cute, small white flowers, that grow as a bush if planted with enough distance from neighboring plants. It thrives in full sun but doesn’t need too much water. That’s why it’s a good idea to plant this flower in a spot where the dirt is dry and doesn’t hold water. Since this flower grows low to the ground, it’s the perfect plant to pair with other, taller flowers, such as tulips!



The daisy is a classic flower, that most people know. It’s simple look makes it suitable for any garden! If you don’t want to plant them directly in the garden, or all your flowerbeds are full, then daisies are perfect for big flowerpots with a hole in the bottom. If you keep them free of frost, then they can live a long time. Daisies love sun and need to be regularly watered. If you cut off any withered flowers right away, then the plant will be able to create new flowers and grow larger.


Another plant that thrives in flowerpots is Lavender. Lavender is known for its mild, calming scent and lovely purple color.  The common “English” lavender is tolerant of frost, whereas most “French” lavender sorts are not as tolerant. If used, the flower pot has to have a hole in the bottom, as lavender thrives in dry, light soil. After planting lavender in the spring, water it only for the first three months. After that the lavender can survive off of the water nature provides it.


Crane’s-bill (Geranium)

It is often found as a delicate, purple flower, but there actually exists over 400 sorts of this flower. Crane’s-bill, however delicate, is actually quite hardy. It can easily be planted in a flowerpot and does fine in locations that are a little shady, making it perfect for a balcony or patio. Crane’s bill gets enough nutrition from normal garden soil, and therefore doesn’t necessarily need fertilizer. The flower does fine in dryer periods and doesn’t need to be watered regularly as It gets the amount of water it needs naturally.  

And there it is! A list of some of our favorite garden flowers. Some are meant to be planted in flowerbeds, others can be planted in flowerpots, but all of them are easy to care for! After a round of cleaning and trimming your garden, don’t forget to style your garden with flowers and other decorative elements. As much as we love cleaning and organizing, styling outside with flowers is definitely our favorite part!